Thursday, February 05, 2009


If it's not enough that this cab is coursing its way through narrow gullies, cab driver is playing on repeat 'chal chal e dil... Kar kisi ka intezar' on repeat. She s apparently waiting for god in the disguise of a man to show up on the other side of the lake :| and why should this song hold such a strong appeal, I wonder. Does he fancy being the pardesi who comes into the soona desh and changes her life into a sundar sapnon ka sansaar? Someone should wake up this lady. Reminded of the 'agar tum mil jao, nahana chod denge hum' song. Another really dumb song. I just realized that my phone doesnt seem to have an enter key, so no newlines for ya! Anyway, expect more posts like this from now on, now that I shall be staring at a screen all the minutes I'm awake. Also, to further test the functionality I shell attach a picture and we shall see.


Sheikh Speer said...

Yes wheee can!

blister said...

something's better than nothing!

Stalker said...

What nonsense.