Saturday, January 17, 2009


It's been a strange day... I think sometimes I'm too confused to understand my own reactions. Attended the ijtema today as we had last week, and T apa had come down after a long time. Some people have this amazing quality masha allah, where they speak and the listeners, whatever state they're in (I was extremely drowsy), are all ears or should I say all hearts, because it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that everyone was moved. I wanted to hold her hand and keep her from leaving. I wonder how the Sahaba used to feel when the Prophet (PBUH) used to speak to them. When we were praying, I felt immensely grateful for so many things and then some complicated (feminine?) mind twist happened, but that's resolved now. Thank you.

There was a lot of stuff that happened since I last updated (I mean on the 31st, not that tiny post about missing my blog (which I did, so much)). There was the 31st and a coupla days following that which were dreamy, almost magical.

Then there was the 3rd, when there was an alumni reunion at the old college which was overwhelmingly nostalgic. It felt like I'd been away ten years instead of two. And I kept comparing K and coll, and I think coll's done much better, but the circumstances are different too. Rn and I sat together, in 119, with memories of excruciating SE classes... it almost felt like nothing'd changed. We were back to being silly girls laughing at things nobody else found funny. That group did bad things to my brain! :D

Then Rn had to run off and I didn't want to stay any longer. There wasn't anyone I was looking forward to spending the rest of the day with. (It surprises me how much difference there is between my friends circle in coll and at K). So I decided to call the Sooda, we'd been planning to meet for months but it hadn't happened, so Rn dropped me off at McDs much later than Sooda had anticipated. Sooda stood outside CC wearing shades that made me go, 'Hello, bee'. And to use one of my favourite literary expressions, 'Little did she know...', 'Little did she know that she would end up buying one of those herself and turn into a bee the same day'. So we lunched, then Sooda disappeared to her viva for an hour while I settled into a tiny corner of Crossword and continued a Sophie Kinsella I'd left incomplete, with the lack of sleep the previous night resulting in an (Which is that character in Alice in Wonderland that's always sleeping? I forget) extremely drowsy me. I could hardly keep my eyes open and startled Sooda with my incoherentness into buying me a cold coffee from Brio. Then to keep the self awake, we wandered around, bought the bee shades (which, Sooda, I really like) were stalked and handed a note. (Seriously, what is it suddenly? First the chowthi, then the note and then yesterday. What's explains this paradigm shift? (Yes, let's play Bullshit Bingo))

Then, the then the office the took over. Until March 15th, we're supposed to be 100 percent 'utilized'. Ugh. But I liked what I was working on for the past week. Maybe because there was at least some continuity and consistency in what I was working on. I be gladded. I be having nice call with senior associate in Dallas.

Oh and there was this conversation (in hindi) between (telugu) cabmates sometime in between:

SKA: Arey, kya re Anand, tu bata teri ZINDAGI kaisi hai
Anand:*singing* 'Zindagiiiiiii, kaisi hai paheli yaaro... kabhi yeh hansaaye, kabhi yeh rulaye'
'Tu bata teri zindagi kaisi hai'
SKA: Mera jeevan, kora kagaz...
Anand: Tu shadi kar le na
SKA: Toh kya badalta? Bas ghar jataun, khataun, sojataun
Anand: Arre kar le na
SKA: Tu kunwe mein kood gaya toh mereko bhi dhakal deta kya?
Anand: *laughing* Dekh main ek baat batataun, shadi ke baaad na first year rehta 'chandramukhi',
second year rehta 'suryamukhi'
aur teesra year rehta 'jwalamukhi' *raucous laughter among all cabmates*
... 'yeh teen saal katgaye samjho toh success nai toh fail. Ab woh logon pe depend karta alag alag'

Went to the exhimition with the mother and the tenth class cousin. Boughts the myselfs two bootiful ringz. One is the queenly and one is the rockstarly. I hearts very much. I also learns that the mother thinks that I is the doofus for not bargaining. I agrees.

I be tired and fuzzy-brained cause of too much thinking and overheating brain. But I gets inspired today in more than one ways. So I be happy.

And you know, sometimes you're the mommy and sometimes you're the baby. And sometimes, the sanest pieces of advice comes from the most unexpected people. They may be few, but I'm proud of the friends I have. I hope I'll be there for them the way they've been there for me. And surprisingly, even a 'Don't worry, everything'll be alright insha allah' works well enough. :)

I goes now, I sleeps. I replies to comments another day.

Best wishuz.


blister said...

yaar, ab mere tou 3 saal katgaye, par abhi pata nahi chala ki pass ya fail ;) y u no buys me also ringz doofus? 'doofus' - heard it after such a long time, i likes very much, thankyou doofus.

Argentyne said...

we all doofuses only