Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Things I'm feeling :) about in 5 minutes:

* Pineapple juice
* A feel-good conversation
* Friends, even when I'm not with them
* Teensy-weensy HAWGAHness
* 'Building one-on-one relationships with U.S. colleagues'
* Black shararaness
* Beautiful writing courtesy Ish' latest post

I guess it's just a whee day. :) After ages.


Dreamcatcher said...

:) and that made me wheee too :)
Thank you for spreading the joy. And oh please update more.

Argentyne said...

Ish, whee for a whee for a whee :) You're most welcome mah dear. Updating more frequently? That's difficult but I shalt try :)

mythalez said...

a happy 'whee' day to you, silver!

whee away!!

blister said...

i know u've been busy with the shadi, and u've fallen ill, but yaar, i'm getting bored, jaldi post kar, and do send pics or ur royal shararaness.

Sudha said...

Okay, I've thought and thought and thought, and the only thing that would come to me was the very Opal Mehta-ish 'How Argentyne Will Get a Headache', which is not really something to 'whee' about, I think. :P

Please to put me out of my curiosity induced misery! D:

blister said...