Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Notes to myself

(This was written while I was on my way home last night. Forgive the drunken writing.)

Today was a really long day. The senior wanted to have a meeting with me for the whole of the past week about my ‘low utilization’ but I was busy and it wasn’t happening. Then yesterday, she dragged me to come ‘walking’ with her (to the next block, she wanted company) and said we could have our meeting on the way. I had such a bad headache, I didn’t even want to go, but went nevertheless. Anything to have the meeting and ‘low utilization lectures’ hanging over my head.

I shouldn’t be staring at a computer screen right now, considering it’s the end of a terrible day and I’m on my way home, but I need to get this out of my head. More details will probably go into my new Moleskine (yayy! And thank you PB). Moleskine reminds me, I sat down to write in it the other day but saw M of Mimmu come in and settle on the bed with tears in her eyes, which led to the instant abandonment of Moleskine and what would be the second entry in it. Sigh. Anyway, since yesterday, all her tears should now come to an end insha allah, her wedding’s fixed for 21st of Dec., insha allah! She told me her mom and Ar mami started bawling as soon as they knew and that M2 had also been crying. I found that quite funny, since three years they’ve been waiting for the date and when it’s finally fixed, they cry! Tchah. Later on in the night, when I was trying hard to fall asleep, I realized that in a few months, if we, i.e. mom and I (now that Blister’ll be gone soon too :’( and Ammy too! :’(() came to K’puri there’d be no M. Then soon there’d be no Immu. It would be so terrible! Of course, M will not be too far away, but then, once you’re married, how much does physical distance matter?

Reminds of smsz Blister kept sending a while ago about how our circles would never intersect the way they used to. A mami was talking to me the other day, wondering why God made women’s lives this way - to be born, brought up and loved in one house and to be suddenly uprooted to another. ‘Betiyon se toh dil lagana hi nahin’, she said, and I felt terrible. ‘Bas dua karo ki sab ke naseeb achche ho’, she said, talking about her daughters (and her son later) with tears in her eyes.

So, yes it was an eventful week. Marriage seems to be the all round flavor. My adoptive parents, RG and J are now engaged! Met them today for, well, chaat. (Lovely it was). Prav., also gave away my sigret. Tchah. So, there’s an indefinite period of uncertainty looming over me. Measures are being taken to combat it. Let’s see how well that works out. Sigh.

I am bingeing on chocolates these days. Whatever little weight I lost in Ramadhan must now have been replaced with double the quantity. Sigh. The 17” widescreen is back! K

In Ammynews, Ammy is wreaking havoc at home in Dmm. Mom actually sounded extremely frustrated a couple of days ago. I can’t wait to see her :D She’s even learned to pronounce my name properly and will shout out my arrival the minute she hears my voice. There is also ‘Machli jal ki rani hai, jeevan uska paani hai, haath lagao marjayegi! Ameen!’ :D

Oh, I forgot to mention 6th(?) encounter of the third kind on Thursday. It was as enjoyable as it’s always been. I will not waste any more of my precious time over those… I’m not going to bother thinking up horrible words for them.

That’s it for now. I be gone.


mythalez said...

had to search to see what 'moleskine' was only to find out it's a notebook of the 'posh' kind ... :|

so you started writing with a pen on paper now???

Argentyne said...

Doda, supposedly. I don't know whether i'll stick to it. But yes, I always loved diary-ing. Why do you think I like blogging so much? :)

mythalez said...

such a contrast to my case .. i never ever "diary-ied" :-s