Monday, August 25, 2008

Notes to myself

Mom left for Dmm today. Sister left for sasural. Along with Ammy. Sigh. I already feel like she was just a dream (though the scratches on my laptop tell me otherwise). I'm already feeling depressed so I'm going to write these down before I forget:

  • She calls me 'Peemmi' (which Emrican cousins found very funny. (Why wouldn't they? Most of their jokes revolve around snot and boogers. :|)
  • I have a video of her singing 'Tinkle tinkle' where she's behaving exactly like her mom did some twenty years ago
  • She loves playing with locks and keys calling them 'taut' and 'paubi' (for chaabi) respectively
  • The other day when we were having dinner, Mom said 'Woh dupatton ko pico karwana hai' and Ammy, inexplicably attracted to words starting with p, began calling pico 'peeto' and kept bugging us with that word until the next day
  • So chips are 'peich' and 'saunf' is 'pauf' and whenever she wants some 'pauf' she goes, 'Peimmi, pauff honna?' and repeat it forever until you get her some.
  • If you show her some affection when she's not expecting it, she will immediately play miss-hard-to-get and scold you with a 'Haan!' (Girls...)
  • The other day, I had my feet extended in front of me, almost touching her so she proceeded to dig her nails into my toes. I faked a low cry when she did that, so she immediately moved forward and gave me a kiss on my knee. And we did that again and again and again until we got tired of it.
  • She loves serving food from the bagonas on the dastarkhan. And each time she serves something, she goes 'Bass'.
  • Given her new love for wearing our slippers, she'd get scolded a zillion times a day for walking on the carpet/mattress/bedsheets with them on. Or for holding them close to her chest like a birthday present

I am moving to grandparents' place today. And even though I've always thought of it as a second home, I feel some kind of trepidation. And I miss my mommy :'(.

Uppu and Prav. are being so sweet. HAWGAH is still going nowhere. Last resort was not even a resort :(

Oh, I didn't even blog on my birthday. I gots two books - one of them's chick-lit, which thanks to eager-office-colleague, I only got back today. I read some 45 pages in a flash and am raring for more. Chick-lit, chick-lit everyday!

The last few weeks were not very good with communication with MusterFuster nearly breaking down. You'd be surprised at the damage one impulsive haircut will do. Of course, there are always bigger issues.

I have a horrible backache cause of the one hundred and eighty three million violent sneezes I sneezed yesterday.
(Remember reading this poem in some joke book, play on the original poem:
I sneezed a sneeze into the air,
It fell to earth I knew not where,
But you should have seen the looks on the face of those,
In whose vicinity I snoze :D)

We waited for mom outside the airport, in case she'd exceeded the luggage weight limit. Twas nice having a peaceful conversation with Blister :P.
She was telling me how the vomiting mechanism works. The human body is so amazing, subhanallah.

I'm finding better Islamic resources on the web everyday. And some articles are so, so beautiful mashallah. Just reading them brings in sunshine into a clouded, cluttered mind.

I've begun to hate what is called 'corporate culture'. Work hard, party hard. Right. That's all there is to life. Morons. And so having missed the last partay, when the topic comes up of whether I will be attending the one tomorrow, manager says 'If she doesn't come to that party, she'll be an outcast'. Wow, thanks dude. Hogging, drinking and making inane conversation - NOT doing that is going to make me an outcast. Awesome.

Okay, bad mood arriveth again. I'm going to leave for home now. No, second home. Okay, home.

@sophist, thanks :)

Which reminds me, people who read this blog regularly, will you please start using twitter?

Off I is.


shub said...

hugs :) stop feeling blue now and think of Ammy :)

mythalez said...

that verse is so Ogden-Nash-ish :P

Argentyne said...

Shubza, thanks. I tries. :<
Doda, so it is :)