Sunday, August 31, 2008

Khogayi hai manzil kahin raahon mein...

New template up! I'd always wanted something sweet and cartoon-y and this one seemed perfect. Changed the font from Times New Roman to Segoe print... love the font right now, but have the feeling that I might find it irritating later on. Of course, the template changes make scant difference to people who're subscribed to the RSS feed. (Google Reader should do something about that, let people choose if they want to see the design features of the blog in their reader... though that would probably make things slower).

I really shouldn't be up right now but my template's been irking me for sometime now. Come to think of it, I've lost count of the number of times I've changed my blog templates. And titles too! It used to be 'Chipsmonster Speak' when it began, then became 'Be My Vaseline' (at a time when this blog's popularity reached its, umm, zenith), then there was a time when I was so taken by JD of Scrubs that I chose to name it 'Anyhoo' (which rather spoke for my life at that point of time) and then came my bwaing and wheeing. Or so I think it was. It's been four years after all.

I've made three really good friends thanks to this blog. One of them doesn't blog anymore but is still in touch. Two of them, Shubza and DC, I've coaxed to join twitter... all the better to spend dreary office hours on.

There are other bloggers that I've followed for the past four years, surinder, Tree-elf, Captain Subtext (who's changed URLs and blog titles more than a coupla times, forget about templates), Inkspill, Sayesha... and newer people I'm following now, besides the people I know in person. Some people like Dooce or The Compulsive Confessor are radically different from me, but I've still enjoyed the ride. (Or maybe it's just voyeurism, who knows?). Then there are all the new and inspiring Muslim bloggers I'm discovering and being enchanted by...

For a while now, I've been living the title of this post., but I'm finding myself, albeit slowly and I know I'm getting somewhere. And it would honestly, never've been possible without this spellbinding being called the blogosphere.

Thank you, dear blogosphere. Muahs.


mythalez said...

me likes the new template ... a lot !
velly chirlpy :P

and this also marks the 4 years i hav been following ya blog .. with all its URL/author-name/template/freq-of-posting changes :) .. and it all started with ur mail ordering to not let anyone else know of ur blog addr :P

shub said...

hehe, I remember how 'be my vaseline' cracked me up. I miss the old CC blog though, just a coupla days I went back to check if it's still there and tis gone. All archives? :(
hugs and muah to you too!
(I love reading eM and Dooce's blogs too. Voyeurism aside, it could be cos they write well, hmm?)

DC said...

I remember your old templates, the one with vaseline, and the chipmonster, the new ones. I remember the change of names. We all changed url's, only Shub stayed put :) Four years, imagine :) we're oooold :D
Muah to you too :)

shub said...

pfft! you kids don't have a right to talk about being old.
much love,
grumpy old woman! :P

rickshawdiaries said...

Love the new look!

Ramadan mubarik dear :)


Anonymous said...

Sayesha was my classmate for 2 years.. 8th and 9th std...small world...PD

Anonymous said...

And i see you really liked the song :)
now post, i came back to comment.

blister said...

me likest newest templatest :D tis kweet.miss u too missi.

Argentyne said...

@mythalez Thanks da :) Haha, I don't even remember sending a mail like that, but yes, I know and recognize my paranoia :)

@shub Where would the old blog go? I just moved the old blog to this link! You can't see the old posts because I don't let the archive links show. If you went back, back, back you'd eventually land up at those posts :) I could never let them go so easily :) And yeah, I do think Dooce and eM write very well, though I also think the length of time we've been following them also makes a difference :)

@Baraka, thank you! :) Hope you're having a great Ramadhan!

@PD Glad I helped!

@Ish I posted :)

@Blister :'(