Tuesday, June 03, 2008


I've been wanting to write a lot, lately, but have hardly got the time. Half a post was written on Friday and abandoned when region senior settled at my desk to help me meet some stupid deadline. The fact that I prefer a laptop's touchpad to a normal mouse surprisingly irks a lot of people. And that combined with the fact that I'd changed my mouse's right click settings to left click and vice versa had everyone who used my laptop in a fix. Yes, that's the amazing story of my life. I am terribly bored with my work.

There. I was interrupted then by the same senior and here I am, just back from lunch and so enthusiastically looking forward to the next few hours where I will sit with her and Chilli, locked up in a room because we're taking ages over what should've been done in a couple of hours. The aforementioned interruption took place so that we could have a meeting where senior went on about how if we wrapped up shitty work soon enough, we could get our hands on good work etc etc. And while she was right and I agreed, my motivation levels are abysmal right now. Maybe I should follow that 'best motivators at work' page I'd read and have a coffee in the morning. Maybe that'll help.

HAWGAH's latest events turned out to be an anticlimax. Poor mom. If I ever see that girl again, I'll slap her. And now, a duplicate turns up. This is a third encounter, yeah, an encounter of the third kind.

I spent last Friday in an agonizing wait for an email that would tell me that my spanking new ickyicky account had been credited, but twas in vain. And on top of that, I forgot my ickyicky stuff in my desk drawer along with my charger and came back for both on Saturday... in a great mood, on a lovely, drizzly morning. It was an awesome day to feel rich :D (It is NOT getting to my head).

I am yet to do something significant with it. Trapped in the office for nearly 12 hours a day what with the commute, I'm too exhausted on weekends to do anything. But I really do love 5 day weeks. On Monday you're dreading the rest of the week, on Tuesday you're in work mode, by Wednesday you're thinking, 'Only two days more!' and Thursday and Friday vanish soon enough.

I love this company and what it does for its employees. But please God, give me better work! :'(

I need to write a whole post on Ammy. She's growing up so fast, I'd better do it soon.


Dreamcatcher said...

Too much work and too little time and that's the story every where. :(

mythalez said...

is there a 'tuesday only' blogging policy at your office? :P atleast thats what the posts suggest.

totally ignorant abt wat HAWGAH is.

congrats about the first pay! atleast now you can owe me a treat :D !!

bugged said...

I hope ickyicky gave you your money. They won't even give me a posting.

Sophist said...

Happy!! Hellow, how are you! (Sorry for the glee, its just fun when you figure out who someone is :D)

Sudha said...

Eeek. Your experience with your workplace makes me wibbly about my own upcoming departure from Neverland.

Yes. I am blogging again after ages. Prepare to be spammed by my comments. :P

bugged-no-more said...

Haha.... I'm being recognized for my cribbing! Well .. that does it. No more cribbing about the bank that must not be named. Unless they do something spectacularly stupid, that is.