Monday, February 04, 2008


When single turns to double,
Wheeeee!girlfriendship turns to rubble.

What you will be expecting what I will be showing for two years spent nothing much one more degree yes but why so much more there was when I left college and so little when leaving here will only additions be lying and gassing through my teeths? yes yes some professionalism added but what of friendships others will write posts about so much fun they are having and here? nothing much they are dying dying sure the situations are inevitable but one wishes hopes take initiative you say what initiative year is ending time is running placements are coming people will not be generous with their time anyway what they will be now what time do I have anyway don't be so fatalistic you say everyone has their time of their life they say then why do some people have continuously rising times of their lives say say na something nothing's there to say.

Two years have come and gone, one survived, another slept through.
What's that you say? Just another bwa?
Well, there better be some whees around the corner.


mythalez said...

I commented and then just as I was abt to click submit, my stretching legs switched off the pc !! anyway .. I shall persevere and try again:

can totally empathise with the first verse.

As abt the second verse, it would have been much easier to follow, if it were formatted with '\n' :P
though it's still fun .. like a puzzle of figuring out where each line ends :P

and finally about the bwawhees, just when you are about to lose all hope for a whee, a huge one comes right along :)
The only way a string of bwas can end is with a Whee ... so there is always a whee around the corner .. because otherwise it wont be a 'corner' :D

Argentyne said...

Only hope you're right :)