Thursday, February 21, 2008

Every day when I speak to Blister on the phone, I ask her what Ammy's doing and wait with bated breath to hear some new stories about the latest things she's learnt. If all of us learned as quickly as babies, I wonder what depths of wisdom we'd have reached. So yesterday, Blister began telling me how Ammy woke up in the morning to find that she was all alone, so climbed down the bed, crawled to the door of the bedroom, pulled it open by tugging on the latch at the bottom of the door and started crying. She's also learnt how to handle the 'magic pencil' on her 'magic slate', (you know the kind of plastic slate that you can erase whatever you've written in an instant) and so has begun scribbling all over it. Should be fun to give her crayons and see the walls around the house losing their boring colour :D

The other day sis was telling me how Ammy loves feeding everyone in the house with a spoon and imaginary food, and was apparently trying to feed a doll and a girl drawn in one of her books some of her grub! :D And then sis said, 'I can't imagine that this was once a baby who knew nothing but to feed and sleep. Now this little creature who can't even speak, understands how so many things work, communicates her anger, worries and boredom, can make gestures and sounds to get allll of her work done and has even begun manipulating us with her crocodile tears... and I wonder how God gave us this ability to learn and pick up so much from our surroundings, all our necessary life skills...' and I thought for a moment and recalling the verse from the first surah of the Quran that was revealed, said, 'And He taught man what he knew not' (the verses before that are: ''Read! And your Lord is the Most Generous, who taught man the pen and taught man what he knew not') and sis said, 'That's exactly what I was going to say!' Alhamdulillah, our intelligence really amazes me sometimes. Of course, let's not talk about the bushkind type of mankind.

In other news, I'll be accepting my PPO. So in spite of all that cribbing, it's back to Hyd. and D, the cab and old friends, most probably the same lunchmate (noooo!) and a few new people to make friends with. But I have cribbed enough, I could've had it worse and I was being extremely choosy anyway. And like Mom said, no one's to blame for it, it's just how things seem slated to happen and in such a situation, you just make the most of what you've got. In retrospect, it wouldn't have been much fun to spend months again, only hearing Ammy stories over the phone, more so when there are chances that once she goes back to the Emricas, I might not see her again for a long, long time. I haven't spent much time with family for the past 6 years either. Then there's the comfort of home and home-cooked food, your own city, a decent salary that allows for some sinful splurging considering there won't be any living expenses and a cool joining bonus too - enough to buy a decent second-hand car like the HR said :D. Okay, I shan't complain anymore. While I was cribbing on the phone to m&d, crying that I had nothing new to look forward to and dad saying, 'You've never worked! You have so much to learn!' (Leave baba to find the most boring things exciting! The joys of learning and all that. Bwa), Mom managed to convince me that I was being ungrateful considering that things could have gone much worse. So I quietened down and at the end of the call, I piteously said, 'So you'll let me live in a flat next to home, right?' and Mom laughed and said, 'Achcha, ek kaam karenge, tum woh Rainbow apartments mein ek flat le lo, hum log neeche dukaan khol lenge, tumhare flat ko sirf namaz padhne, aur paani peene ke liye aaenge, theek hai?' and I laughed. That's all I wanted really, just some understanding.

So now I have one exam to go and nothing to do after. No placements to prepare for, nothingness looms ahead. I should emulate N and go about collecting movies to watch from everyone, and make two and a half hour workout schedules :D. Ah, well. There are enough producitivity blogs to help me fill up all that time ;)

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Dreamcatcher said...

Congratulations :)
Two years gone just like that.
You're going to live at home, and you can see your niece.

mythalez said...

err .. title of the post?

and nice ... back to dear old hyd :D

and long period of nothingness .,... aah .. I want that!!

Tree Elf said...

LOL! The comic is hilarious!

Also, hello.

Argentyne said...

Ish, I know. That makes it four years since we've known each other!

doda, title was forgotten :D Nothingness has very short term appeal :) But yes, it does amaze in the beginning! :)

tree-elf, hello back.

Tree Elf said...

Only 2 people I know use that word and one of them is me. Where did you pick up Ish! I demand to know!

Who ARE you? Do I know you? I have a vague feeling I know you.

Argentyne said...

:| Ish is the first commenter's nickname. Do know the expression, 'ish', and no, I don't use it.

Tree Elf said...

Whew! Ok. Thanks.
For a minute I freaked out and thought you were someone else.

A friend of mine and I adapted Ish as a drunken variation of Is. *hic*

Ish a shtrange thing to do, but we are shtrange people, yesh we are. *hic*

And now, me ish off.

Sudha said...

Okay, haven't read the latest posts, so more later, just dropped by to say: love your template! The header is lovely. =) Self made or gacked from somewhere online? *is curious*

Sudha said...

bushkind type of mankind

Haha, love the term, am hereby making it part of my vocab. =)

And I'm going to be totally selfish and say: YAAAY! You're coming back to Hyd! *beams*

Atleast this way we shall meet up more regularly than the 'once in three years obligatory visits' type things we used to do. :P

Argentyne said...

yes ma :)