Tuesday, December 18, 2007


  • Pffty. People's double standards. Unnecessary resentment. Judgments made, unsaid.
  • Home was good. Except for how bad my allerja got. Better now though.
  • I nicknamed Ammy chota animal, a name sissykabussi likes. Much better than what baba called her - bandar!
  • She will climb anything, just by throwing herself at it and clutching at anything that shows an illusion of support - including hair.
  • Cyprus? Cyprus!
  • Yesterday was lovely dinner at Mezban. How I do love that place. Cheap and best.
  • Three Italian exchange students on campus. The girl's nice andquite down to earth. One guy's quiet, the other is irritatingly funny. Still quite nice to talk to them. Their English needs a lot of work though. Also the way they mispronounce words, both Indian and English, is hilarious because it's not like the standard American mispronunciations. Like the girl kept referring to a guy named Rohit as Rohti :D Must be like Pavarotti :D And how one guy turned Kunnamangalam into Kumalumpur :D
  • Resolutions, resolutions
  • After the disaster that last term was, this term should be better
  • Last term, but not sad about it.
  • So pitty's a manager now. Tera kya hoga kaalia?
  • Raising a baby is not a task for one person! Specially when you need three people to just put a spoon in its mouth
  • Amazing shopping discovery!
  • On the lookout for a new blog template
  • It's good to be back.


Dreamcatcher said...

The baby keeps everyone on their toes...three people to feed her huh..

blister said...

yayy! i was gonna put an " :| " face....coz ur "hiatus" was getting pretty irritating

blewster said...

mm.. you know what..... that boaty picture on ur blog and the pose the guy on it is standing in makes u feel like the baot's going 'whee', and definitely not 'bwaa'

mythalez said...

wats with cyprus eh?
i can ask my housemate if u want .. she is cypriot u knw :P
and yah .. my other housemate is italian .. :P
unexpectedly u covered both in the same post :P
and thankfully the 'hiatus' finally gets over !!

Argentyne said...

DC, yup, believe me! We should all be extremely grateful to our moms for all the trouble we put them through!

Blewster, I don't think the man on the boat is saying anything, he's caaalmmmmmmmmm :P

Doda, Cyprus is a secret ;) How're you? :)