Friday, November 16, 2007

I will not give up

1. Fa
2. People with a sense of humour
3. OSO's DVD

An impulsive (and rather ridiculous) attempt to watch OSO resulted in 3 people leaving very late to catch it in the one theatre it was running in spite of warnings from many people, which finally led us to gape at a closed gate that said 'sold out'. Our BAFTA was to watch Saawariya, 15 mins was as much of it that could be tolerated before we ran out, making the theatre guy angry as he'd gone to some effort to get us the tickets :D Those 15 minutes themselves were the subject of heavy analysis... like g called it, it's a blogger's dream movie, so much of it can be ripped apart. I shall only express my horror at the
1. usage of the royal we, for e.g. 'hum ne toh socha hi nahin tha', 'hum toh nahin aaenge'
2. the fake giggle laugh
3. the cant-describe-how-ridiculous-it-is-screw-you-gesture of mr. ranbir... UGH
4. how many movies will have men rescuing the naive, fairy like muslim woman? Oh and while the rest of her family members are fully covered, her clothes are hilariously revealing. Touches new depths of absurdity
5. Salman Khan will make a lot of hyderabadi muslim guys, especially autowalas, happy with his 'aadab' gesture. God, I'm sure he finds it hilarious himself. What's with the huge stud? It seemed like this movie was made entirely for that hyderabadi audience, or no, wait, i'm sure even they would find it ridiculously stupid.

The only good thing about the movie is the set. And after watching OSO (on DVD :D), all I can say is Mr. Mukesh Mehra should have burn this set and all the people involved with Saawariya! And the important question remains, what period is this movie set in?

In serious news, BJP is backing Modi for the next Gujarat elections while calling him the anti terrorist?! Has the world gone blind? A terrorist against whom substantial evidence was recovered just a few days ago is being called the ANTI-TERRORIST? I don't know what could be said of the Indian people if BJP comes to power. Probably just like the Brit paper whose headlines ran 'How can (so many million) people be so dumb?' when Bush was re-elected. Maybe they were all busy watching a 35 crore masterpiece called Saawariya.


mythalez said...

rofl ...
the last sentence is the clincher :)

Apps said...

Why the hell are you so busy these days? No time to talk only!

mythalez said...

wasnt this posting supposed to be a daily thing ?? :P

Sudha said...

Our BAFTA was to watch Saawariya


Sorry, now that I've gotten that outta my system: what on earth possessed you to go watch 'Sawariya', of all things?

I mean, OSO atleast does not have pretensions of being 'arty'--it's pure timepass masala entertainment, which is why I liked it. =)

Also, didn't you know that S was based on 'White Nights', which is depressing enough as it is, without adding in Rani Mukherjee and SLB's wierd imagination!

And the heroine's face being covered inspite of the backless cholis has been duly noted by others, as well.

the royal we

I'm sorry, what? *wipes tears of laughter from her eyes*

BJP is backing Modi for the next Gujarat elections while calling him the anti terrorist?!

!! Yes, the world has gone mad.

I think it is time I started voting, instead of just whining uselessly about the way the country is going to the dogs. =(