Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Here comes the sun...

4 out of 5 things crossed out on PC's post-it notes. Whoo-hoo! Life is finally looking up!

Ammy's blabbering a lot these days. Today she also caught her first fever, first in her whole life!

The urge to run home has dissipated. But I'm dying to meet Ammy again.

It baffles me how we're one species but still think so differently. How can someone be convinced that Carrie Bradshaw makes for a good role model?!

Shell go to bedz now, goosenight.

Today's 3:
1. The feeling you get when you cross out entries on a to-do list
2. Cotton pants
3. No broken bones


mythalez said...

my 1: strolling back to home in the morning while everyone else is going to work :D.

Sudha said...

Am seriously in awe of you for being able to get more productive and more organised!

I am still in the 'lazy' stage right now--in fact, it's so bad that my friends have taken to calling me 'Baddakam Sudha'! o_0