Monday, October 22, 2007

Pissed off

I am extremely pissed. And all the noise from a-door-away neighbour is making me even more irritated. She's watching 'Knocked Up' on full volume. I think I can understand what J goes through now. I just watched KU the other day, I don't even know why. It isn't all that bad, but just hearing the dialogues all over again reminded me how much of ranting, screaming and whining it has. Granted that in that particular situation you wouldn't expect any lesser, but please, don't inflict this on your wingmates! It's enough of a pain to attend global ppts. Now fungibility is the new leverage. You need to be an MBA to understand what I mean.

There's a lot of blogging backlog. Two weekends ago, I did something that surprised my parents and kinda surprised myself too. I went home for the weekend without any immediately family knowing about it, primarily to meet Ammy (and of course Blister) and secondly, so that I could spend a few days of Ramadhan at home, and eat nice, soothing ghar ka khana. It all happened but thanks to two parties that had to take place in those three days, I just ended up eating a lot of 'dawat' food. I shall now proceeed to do what I have been planning for quite some time:

Dear, dear Ammy, you were so sweet and predictable. When I reached home and sneaked in behind Y mami, I saw you sitting on the table with your grandmommy holding you. She of course, was quite surprised, but again, she's Muster and is usually extremely composed. (It was so much more fun to see the looks on your mommy's and granddaddy's faces, it was hilarious :)). I, though, was more interested in that little creature sitting on the table. You looked so tiny and then I went up to you and you just smiled, like you do at everyone else. Did, rather. I hear now, that you love some people more than others, those some people being mostly the galli ke bachche and their mom who works in our house. And that when you see them, you stretch out your arms towards them so that they'll pick you up and then you can laugh to your ickle heart's content.

And then when I picked you up, Y mami said, 'Besharam ladki, apne mummy se toh milo', so I went and hugged Muster, so there we were, you in my arms and your grandmommy hugging me, a nice three-way hug. I then took a bath, got all the bus grime off me (I don't know why, butI find those bus rides quite worrying), and since your mommy, was sleeping and so was your grandpa, we, i.e. Y mami, Muster, you and me decided to go up to the first floor room where you spent long moments gazing at each and every pattern you could see. I don't know why they fascinate you so much, during the trip you even stared at the pattern of the allergy on my wrist with such scientific fascination. I played silly games with you and you laughed, such a heartwarming laugh it is. You smiled quite a bit too, specially at your mom. She has these standard phrases that make you go wild with laughter. During those four days, I held you, played with you and rocked you to sleep. It surprised me, how frequently you needed to be fed, how much you slept and that you were so predictable. It's so lovely to hold you, and sometimes when people hold you and you get restless, you rock yourself back and forth to tell us 'Rock me, rock me!', so we do. The whole household has become a slave to your whims. It's funny how excited your grandparents get when they play with you, I've never seen my mother shout at people one second, and then suddenly start smiling and talking gibberish the moment she sees you. Gibberish reminds me, we were coming back from your (paternal) grandmom's place, and you were sitting in my lap, laughing uncontrollably at your purple butterfly toy (whose antennae you love to chew), a complete contrast to your grandfather in the driver's seat, who was cursing the Hbady traffic under his breath. You were giggling away to glory when your mom turned around, speaking to you in utter gibberish, and how you laughed! And of course, when you laugh, everyone starts laughing. Sometimes we're not even speaking to you and you think it's all about you and start smiling or laughing! Your laughter is so, so special, because it seems to come from somewhere deep inside you. I know I sound silly when I say this, but it does, it's like the opposite of a sigh. A deep, pleasure-filled, gurgly laugh.

One of the funniest moments of the whole trip were when I put my head in your lap and you proceeded to pull my hair and then try to lick my scalp! And that became a game with your grandfather too. He'd slowly pull away until you stretched out your little hands and caught hold of his hair again and again and again.

You slept early every night and would wake up just a little after sunrise, when all the rozedaars wanted to sleep and you just wanted to play. If you want to play, you start crying the minute anyone lays you down, even for a second. You love standing up too, someone just needs to extend their fingers to you and you'll use all your wee strength to suddenly stand up. Voila! A vantage point to stare at newer and farther off patterns!

I just spoke to your grandmom who says that you've suddenly developed a personality, and a cranky one at that. You've spent the last two days being irritable and whenever you're given things you don't like, you go 'phrrrrrrrrr'. So your grandpa knows that when you go 'phrrrrr' repeatedly that it's time to take you outside for a chakkar. And then you see all the galli ke bachche and giggle excitedly. A few more years and you'll be running with them around the nal. If you're here, i.e. Fat chance :< style="font-style: italic;">you were comforting me and saying, 'There, there, don't worry. I'm here to take care of you'.

I had a horrible time coming back, having to spend some 18 hours stuck at Chennai airport (never book tickets through makemytrip). But it was all worth it because a) your mommy said, in the auto, while holding my hand, 'Thank you for coming' and b) I love you, you fragile, crushably huggable miracle. You're just bluddy awesome :)

(There, just see how ossum you are, writing about you has cured my headache!)

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shub said...

and reading about her has given me a heartache! *sniff* can't wait to see my li'l bundle of joy!