Thursday, July 26, 2007

Run, run, run!

My status message has been 'Pfft!' for the past three days. There wasn't much reason, but little things like photoshoots really irritate me. And my brain getting crowded up, which doesn't take much time. Have realized that to unload, one must write things down on paper.

Some updates on the past week:
- N and I went on another city trip, I ended up buying nothing more than a bunch of paper towels, 1 bad haircut and half a box of Wheaties
- Discovered cat living in N's balcony. Kept snarling at us out of the box it was living in. Kept wondering how nice it would have been to have kittens. The next day we find out, there are two cute kittens in the box. Very tiny. Feed kittens milk with a spoon. Next day mom cat decides we're too interfering, moves into next balcony. Scaredy girl calls the security guard and has them removed. Yours truly looks at the dazed mom cat and decides kittens have to be rescued. Rescues and puts them back into the balcony. Mom cat joins and doesn't leave them the whole day. Mews and talks nicely to us. We wait for the canteen to open and go get milk. Box empty. Mom and kids have disappeared. Spotted by RG around B hostel. We cross our arms and say 'Hmmf'. End of story.
-D1 and D2 both have plans to open restaurants. One wants to run away to London asap. Says he wants a salary of 50-60 lakhs. The other three gasp. Much fun is made of me for saying 50-60k should be an optimum amount living. D2 wants to open a restaurant in Brazil. Has already decided that factors are suitable. She doesn't know what she wants to do. D1, D2 and one fuddy group member decide that all jokes henceforth will be on her height. Begin endless jokes on 'Giant Account' (Empty wanted to say 'Joint Probability') and minor/major - lots of crap.
- Worrying, worrying makes Ag a sick girl. Cried while falling asleep, woke up with horrible skin, strange dreams in which Ammy was talking like a grownup while being a baby and tummy upset. I hate days that begin that way. Long baths do make things better though.
- She is close to reaching the 7 days she marked on the calendar. Then she can have chicking! Oooooooh, just the thought :)
- Watched 'Music and Lyrics' and became big fan. Love the songs too! Wish I could look like Drew Barrymore :(
- She go now, sloopy time.


mythalez said...

"strange dreams in which Ammy was talking like a grownup"
"Wish I could look like Drew Barrymore"
"sloopy time"
lol @above :D.

and yeah the songs are good in the movie ... the 'pop' song was quite funny dont u say?

Argentyne said...

yup, loved all the songs :)