Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bored at work

I'm tewwibly bored. I have work, but I'm not quite interested in doing it.

I made a post two days before starting on my internship about my new eyes. Yeah, that's what I said. No, no fanaa story here. But maybe on a smaller scale ;) Or on a minuscule scale. Or on a subatomic scale. Well you'll know when I post it.

I am pissed. My head is aching. I want to sleep. I just sent a mail to the group which said - They should provide sofas in a hidden room in the office where you can go sleep and a device that let's your double hang around in your cubicle meticulously carrying out your daily portion of drudgery.

I can't believe that headscarves are banned in Turkey. That someone has the galls to write 'Islamic attire is banned in Turkey'. Would people in say, the UK let someone say 'let's ban Christian attire'.

Whaaaaat?! How does that make any sense? First of all, and last of all, how does it affect someone outside? It's the person who's wearing it who's bearing all the discomfort and all the staring or whatever that goes with it. She's doing it for a reason and has some justification for it. Okay, ban religious symbols. But banning only Islamic attire? How does that make sense? And I can't believe the country's first lady wants to appeal to the some European Commission, appppeaaal mind you. But why? What difference does it make to anyone outside of the person who's wearing it? We're taking the trouble so why do we need to appeal to someone else to let us wear it, oh please please let us feel hot and bothered. Gah.

Ammy is amazing. By Ammy I mean little blister. Cuter, rounder ;) She is sooooooooo qweet. Blister sends videos which we watch and fawn over. Little blister is growing up very fast. She's only a month old but she's following her parents by turning her head and all. And her laughing is 'legendary'. :D

All right then, I go now.

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whers the post of two days ago???