Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Yesterday, I was going through my old posts. Around a year ago and more. Left me quite wistful, I sounded so much more cheerful then and I realized I should stop writing cryptic notes to myself, I hardly remember later what they were supposed to remind me of.

Somewhere between April and May, my bloggie turned two. And i'm glad that at least blog ke bahane, I've written down things, only while browsing through them yesterday did I realize how easy it is to forget so many things.

Considering that a lot of people don't want this template to go, I guess i'll let it hang for a while. Will wait till my restlessness wins over my laziness and makes me work on a new template! :D

Oh, a lot of people thought my mom was moving with me, no, she isn't.

The mother finds it very amazing how much of bschool interaction is taking place even before I'm anywhere near the place! It makes me wonder if we're too spoonfed, there isn't a single query that hasn't been answered, some even twice, thrice! Yesterday, Happy Singh was wondering if it wouldn't be better if the intros were left till you can make contact in 3D ... it does take some of the surprises away, but well, at least you don't feel completely lost when you reach!

Spent a whole night at NNM chatting with Immu. And by chatting, I mean the older meaning :) Recounted many events of college and the past year. By the time both of us were done, the sun was beginning to peep through the window. Woke up M who was sleeping in the next room. For some reason, she was singing 'Mujhe neend na aaye, mujhe chayn na aaye ...'

As it happens when you're sleepy or whimsically in a nonsensical mood, we began wondering where the khoya hua dil disappeared to. After answers like 'Hum aapke dil mein rehte hain' etc. we finally landed on this:

Q.If you had to make a movie on heart transplant patients, what would you name it?
A. Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam

(:D BLame it on the lack of sleep, not lack of SoH.)

Also tried on a business suit for the first time. Oh my! Why, oh why do they have to be so expensive?! And I just looove haircuts. No matter how much they make me look a girl whose face I used to hate. I also have two nyu pair of eyes! (am inexplicably reminded of Sudha saying 'whoopey-doo' and twirling her index finger in the air)

Invited a bunch of ickle juniors to lunch, played games I hadn't or rather, we hadn't played in years :) And I can play Dumb Charades ANY number of times! They brought along with them a cute teddy bear which made Mom remark later 'Tum ko toh choti bachchi bana diye woh log'. That reminded me of how I used to play pretend games with cousins even during 11th/12th where you go sneaking along walls with pretend guns, wanting to surprise some goons. And playing I Spy with the KRA. And Kho with the cousins. Sigh, I think I'll always be a sucker for any of these ... must be something to do with my couchpotatoness and lack of cousins when I should have actually been playing them :D If Mom knew all that, she'd probaby have answered herself and said 'Banane ka kya hai'

Isn't it amazing how when you really connect with someone, how happy shared, meaningless laughter can make you feel?


Anonymous said...

Agreed on the less cheerful part now.
May be the burden of responsibilites cause the seriousness.

AK-84 said...

Let's have in here one of ur pics with business suit on.. So, tum jnrs ko party dene mein lagi ho aur class mates ko bhool gaye.. Yeh achchi baat nahin hai.. Main convo par aa raha hun ;) aur mostly tum bhi aaogi hi :D

shub said...

absolutely :D cute post kiddo! last line reminds me of something i need to do soon :D *grrrin*

The Reporter said...

anon, i'm not sure you could call it a burden of responsibility, but yeah, maybe there's something brewing :)

ak-84, dinna buy it. Figured would make do with a saree for the time being :)
Hehe, I probably wont be able to make it for the convo, 24 hours aana, 24 hours jaana..

shubza, can i hope you're talking about calling me up? :P

AK-84 said...

Gr8!! upload a pic with saree then. That makes me remind one of my requests (long back) to you :D

Anonymous said...

I don't think prior-intros are all that bad. Pre-conceived notions are fun. Especially when they dissolve when it's 3D time