Friday, April 14, 2006

See where i'm going! :D

12th April.

Anxiously sitting at the pc, watching friends. Refreshing every few minutes to see what the latest posts are about. Suddenly get a ping (inside my mind), 'Check again'. While I laugh at it, I refresh pagalguy. Yes, there is a new thread on IIM K results. I am scared now, open the page, first post says 'I didnt get through' and I think 'Here's your story babe'. Open the IIM K page ... and enter hall ticket.
Hardly see what's written there. SCREAM. Am alone at home, call up people and certain people start dancing (details not to be disclosed here).

Cannot reach mom or dad. Mom's school's number is constantly busy. Finally, after half an hour or more, hear the car coming up. Rush outside, mom walks inside, I try desperately to keep a straight face and Mom looks up expectantly, 'Kya hua?' and I nod my head sadly, 'Nahi hua' and walk inside in a huff. Mom pretends to keep a brave face and says 'Chalo theek hai' and walks inside. I point at the computer screen, she looks at my face and I can't hold it back anymore 'Hogayaaaaaaaaaaa!' and THWACK, mom hits me and gives me the longest hug ever. I think she was more excited than I was :)

Classes supposed to begin in third week of June. Wish me luck. :)


Anonymous said...

All the best catty ..

Now when is the treat ..

Dreamcatcher said...

The campus looks gorgeous. Congrats, good luck and maybe now you wont be so absent minded:D
and yeah, celebrate bcos u deserve it.

burf said...

v v v v v v nice

u rock babe

keep it up

v nice


the dancer said...

i remember a certain call from someone. i was expecting a Hello, but got a HOOGAYAAAAA instead.

i just hope u wont forget me once u are the CEO of some fundoo company :D

allah ke naam pe naukri de dena baba!!!

good luck .. "I(i)M K-oolcat"

Sudha said...

Congrats, darling! =)

Geez, seems like only yesterday when you used to cry at the end of EVERY unit test in school cause you were afraid you wouldn't have time to finish...

*sniff, sniff*

Beete din, beete pal...yaaaad aaaaane laaageeee...

Yes, I can be senti with the best of them.

Anyway, I'm expecting a treat. When I get back, the six of us should meet up again before you leave.

And like someone said, in some far, distant future, you'd better not forget the S of SPVTZ just cause you're a big shot! Or CEO or not, I'm sure I can still kick you!

Celebrate, mon cherie. You deserve it, after all the tears I'm sure you've shed.

Mr. J said...

Although I have some reservations reg. MBA, I sure as hell appreciate the ones who go through it all to make it.

Congratulations. Feels good to see someone make it through. From our very own blogging community.

Just one word though, at the end of it all, an MBA from IIM is much better without an ego.

Cheers and congrats once again.

shub said...

ab main kya kya hoon?

Bhim said...

ohh.. noww I know where you have been all these days ! :) ...

Wish me luck, so that I may see you in the next session :)

many many Congratulations. And like so many others have said, don't become too involved in ur studies to forget this url :)

The Reporter said...

Anon, :)

Dreamcatcher, *monica style* I know! What's my absent mindedness got to do with this? :-s

burf, thank you sooo much :)

Dancer aa? Yeah right :P
And bout forgetting you?
Tumko na bhool payenge ... ;;)

The Reporter said...

Soooda, wokay :D But whan shall you come back? Mai classes start in Jewn third week.

Yeah, I did shed some tears on the day of CAT:D They must be the secret of my success ;) Now I shall getready to cry at the end of all my exams at K inshallah :D

Thank you :) Do I know you .. did you have a previous blog avatar? I shall keep your words in mind :)

ab tum kya kya ho? That's not making any sense to me :-s

Aww :), sure, will be cool .. i'll be your senior and rag you :D Mwahaha :D
I shell try not to be and shell try to keep the coolcat or .. KoolKat alive :)

Suhail Kassim said...

That's really good news. Congratulations :-)

The Reporter said...

Suhail, thank you :)

The Kazi said...

Congratulations (from another Suhail).

So, in what field will you be MBA-ing? Do something more than selling saabun and tel, wokay :-) Wish you all the best!

And FWIW, check out another IIMK girl who seems to have just got her degree. I remember coming across her blog sometime back (never really followed it up with regular readings or so). She used to blog abt IIMK. You may find something useful in there.

ps:Kassim bhai -- you might be interested in knowing that you had one closet reader who thought your BlogOrBlock was quite good. Any plans of resuming it?

The Reporter said...

the kazi,
Am sorry I did naw notice your comment, the blogger notifications seem to have taken off to somewhere else!

I don't know what field I will be MBA-ing, in, let us C (by Yashwant Kanitkar) (Sorry).

Hmm, nothing from her first page suggests she's blogging bout K. :|

Thanks for the wishes :), yeah, I shall try not to sabuntel

The optimist from utopia said...

Congratss.. wonce again.. :D :D :D
Nice pics btw.. Just make sure you dont discontinue bloggin.. And keep in touch.. :D

AK-84 said...

It jes struck my mind to check ur blog after sooo long.. yeh kaunsi jagah jaane wali ho tum.. the photos look really beautiful with all hills around.. cool re.. m sure, u'll have a lot of fun..