Tuesday, March 21, 2006

third person

Reading fiction always put her in the third person mode. An easy, detached mode where she ... became 'she'. When she was younger, she found her third person thoughts invariably ending in 'and they had lots of fun', something she'd forgotten till she found Pitti, whose narratives lost their steam in the end, when she'd become distracted and would end with 'and so we had lots of fun'.

Sometimes the way she thought changed, after reading Pride and Prejudice for the zillionth time, (because she was bored and not because she loved the book that much), sentences like 'I am not one and twenty' and 'Had you behaved in a more gentlemanlike manner ...' lingered in her head. All her thoughts seemed to word themselves similarly, like after reaching the end of Moby Dick, words like 'ye' and other stormy adjectives seemed so familiar to the mind's tongue.

While she walked back from the library, the mellow voice of a Scrubs song began to play itself in her head again, irritating yet nagging her to sing along. They chose nice songs, yes.

Someday, somebody's gonna ask youuuuu
The question that you should say yes toooo
once in your laaiiiiiiife

She liked the way he stretched the 'once in your life' part and JD running around them with sparklers. Yet, the music's nagging voice in her head made her shrug mentally. It irritated her, the kind of hold music can have on the mind. How it could change your mood, even while you were unwilling and make you high or low. It was the latter of course, that got her goat even more.

She shrugged off the question song, only to find a Simon and Garfunkel now in her head. She smiled wryly at the lyrics. Ten and another gone today. It was flying away from her, but she looked at it detachedly, knowing it was wiser not to give it brainspace. Third person was best for now - the more removed, the better.

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