Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Little darlin' it feels like years since it's been here

Going home. Will be byack soon.
Take care y'all.

And 'wish you happy New Year'. ;)


Dreamcatcher said...

i LOVE this song :)
hope you can say "its all right!"
take care and happy new year to you too.

TheSophist said...

hey babe. wish we'd all been there to celebrate new year's together. a very happy new year to you too my dear sweet neighbour >:D< (fgive the soppiness, trying to exhaust all the mush on the first few days so noone will have to put up with it throught the year :d)

The Reporter said...

teq, i love it too. Had been listenting to it over and over again, so made it my title on a sunny day, almost everything's all right :)

Kir, a very happy new year to you too :) You sure you wanna exhaust all that mush on me? :D