Sunday, December 04, 2005

... giant pigeon, crapping on my heart ...

Disclaimer: This post may induce sleep

So well, one day before CAT, my bag got caught in the busrail when I was getting down
from the bus at a signal. If I hadnt been able to extricate it in those few seconds before the bus started, I might have lost my bag and along with it .. my hall ticket and my cell and what not. Aaand I could have lost my life too, there was a whole lot of traffic. (Yes, I did have the good sense to think that I could throw the bag in but it was something I did not want to do.) The thought chilled me to the bone, what was CAT if I died? :|

Anyway, CAT day dawned. CC had avil before she slept, which was NOT a regular habit and therefore something she should certainly not have done. She woke up sleepy and went to the exam with muchas hugs and allthebests from daddy and sissy(who is blissy nowadays :D).

The papper was too much for poor CC, she came outside and stood waiting for Rn so that they could go have some fun. (CC had been fun starved for more than a month), therefore when her parents came to meet her, just to ask her how the paper went, she shouted at them and asked them to go away. They went away leaving a very sorry CC in their place.

CC and Rn went to Pizza Hut. Had good food. Then went to Shoppers Stop and hung around. Just as they were leaving, Rn and self are sighted by Rn's old-friend-she-doesn't-want-to-talk-to, still both get dragged along and settle down at CCD.

Then it turns out that above-mentioned friend (AF), has two charming friends with him, S - who looks a little scary at first and R, who i'm sitting beside has a profile like Abhi-shake Bachchan. Rn and I settle down happily.

How to Charm Me (yes, stolen from Dooce)
Let me stand at the counter and take three thousand five hundred and fifty six minutes to decide which coffee I'd like to have, then when the guy-at-the-counter gestures towards me, asking what i'd like, say 'Let the lady decide what she wants to have, please' in the most courteous voice possible. Then when we're standing up to leave, say with the most delightful stress 'Its been a pleasure meeting you'

After spending some two hours there, we set off home. Of course with what i'd done
before, I didn't get a very warm reception at home. So I went off to sulk upstairs, counted my attempts, realized I'd outdone myself, very badly, cried, was consoled and finally things started to move a little to the better. The pressure at least, was off.

Another significant thing was a pre-wedding get-together i'd attended. I'm NEVER getting married! With all the comments the bride-to-be was getting, little wonder she looked daggers at the people taking photographs. If I were her, I'd have run away from home! Its like women forget they got married once and have to act all bitchy and showoffy about the gifts they get for the girl!

Oh and yesterday I got placed .. in Totally Confusing Solutions! The right place for me no? :D Let's hope I can land a better job too ... for the time being I'm just happy that I have something to fall back on. Its a rare thing that things work out for me the first time! And it was nice hearing Roonie(who's finally become a man, yayy! ;)) say 'I've never seen a bigger grin on your face'.

That's all I can think of now .. since i've been bugged and threatened to doing this, here goes ..

Seven Things I want to do in my life:
1. Do something outrageously adventurous, in my terms, that would be something like bungee jumping :D
2. Write something widely acclaimed :D
3. Be a potato chips connoisseur. Maybe I'll be the new Frito :D (Did you know that Chester the Cheetah, (the one from the cheetos pack) calls himself a 'cool cat'? :D)
4. Be to many places, eat at small non-descript places with scenic views
5. Get paid to travel and write a travelogue!
6. Feel the kind of exhilaration that I once felt at the crest of an Ocean Park slide
7. Stay hungry, stay foolish, stay satisfied.

Seven Things I can do:
1. Go out and eat alone (a lot of people I know can't do this :D)
2. Remember loads of phone numbers
3. Spot spellings mistakes at a glance. (They wave, scream and shout for attention)
4. Compete with people like DC in absent-mindedness ;)
5. Speak in varied un-understandable tongues
6. Provide constant entertainment by the virtue of being myself :|
7. Listen

Seven Things I say the most:
Now this is a tough one, I'm pretty creative ;)
1. arre ?!
2. Bullshit
3. Shut up
4. Oh my god
5. Bhaaaaaaaaaaa (when imitating irritating cryie cousin)
6. chah
7. well

Seven Things I can't do:
1. Make small talk
2. Sneeze quietly. (god only knows how many people I disturbed during mocks)
3. Dance
4. Not make weird noises during gaps in conversation :| or misspell words.
5. Stay away from a pc for too long. Or the net to be particular
6. Chat with more than three people at the same time
7. Stop stumbling! :((

Seven Things that attract me to the opposite sex:
1. Sense of humour/wit
2. As mentioned above, courteousness/charm
3. Good looking but NOT chocolatey
4. The rare ability of using the right words :D
5. Intelligence, WITH good EQ
6. Faith in oneself and unstuckupness
7. A living conscience

Seven Celebrity Crushes
1. Vikram Seth (for all that lovely poetry)
2. Shanandler Bong ;) , sorry, Chandler Bing .. the first few seasons
3. Brad Pitt (Meet Joe Black!!)
4. Milind Soman
5. Hugh Grant (About A Boy)
6. Aamir Khan (Dil Chahta Hai)
7. Abhishek Bachchan

There, finally done! And am not tagging anybody, too much torchur.


PlayBoi said...

gadhi is back :D

and u could have mentioned that i tagged u .. u .. u .. dumb A.r.S.e

Roony said...

They spell my name with a y, sweetheart. (Rooney is acceptable too, but Roonie is not!)

Oh, and congrats on TCS again. :D

Dreamcatcher said...

compete with me eh:P
and congrats on the job :)

burf said...

when was the last time u stumbled?


shub said...

arre wah!! congrats CC! :D

blister said...

nothing to comment about ;)

blikisster said...

so, if some guys waits for three-thousand-whatever seconds to let u decide what u wanna have and says sweetly that it's been a pleasure, he gets the pleasure of a mmmuuuah?

Pratik said...

आप तो वाकई अच्‍छा लिख लेती हैं। I hope your writings will be widely acclaimed soon.

infinity said...

finally!!!...congrats for the job...

blister said...

aap tou vakai achaachaa lakhi leti hain?? eh?

tallGirl said...

You forgot to mention about the wonderful company of Ranj which cheered you up so much after the exam!

The optimist from utopia said...

Congrats!! I pity TCS though.. [-(

Handa said...

u cld hve tagged me.. i soooooooo wanted to do this.. but now i will never hve the opportunity :((

melon collie said...

TCS sounds good... congrats!

The Reporter said...

phlayboi, you were not the only one to tag me :P and plus, i didnt think it was such a big deal.

roony, am sorry honey. Roonie sounded more appropriate to me. And thanks again :)

teq, :D Thankoo!
Shub, thanks :)

burf, today, not more than an hour ago :)

blikisster, you'd have to be there to know :)

pratik, :), thanks a lot :)

tallGirl, I did that!!

OfromU, shuddup :P

Handa, playboi tagged you :) Now lets see you complete it :P

Melon collie, does it? :) Thanks