Friday, October 14, 2005

Post kar gadhi!

Those were the words spoken by the great Shub. And therefore, I now aim to end the post draught.How far I shall be successful, I do not know.

Life is full of things to do right now and the number of things I can get confused about is increasing exponentially. Like shubza said in our chat conversation, its perfect cuddle-up-and-go-to-sleep weather to which I replied that for me, that's the weather throughout the year :D. Chah. Plus, with waking up early morgen for sehri, i'm screwing up my sleep cycle even more.

For the first time here in college, there's communal sehri and iftar. Feels good and draws some curious looks from people visiting the canteen.

So much of my time seems to be spent in buses, going to and fro from college. A lot of posts are mentally composed then, but evaporate by the time I can write about them. I'd have more interesting things to write about that way :D (yeah, that's my excuse). Like my wondering, why people with normal eyebrows get them threaded and shaped. It makes your face look so stretched and pulled, like you were bracing yourself for something that was going to hit you in the face. Oh well, it's a weird thing, to me at least.

The news makes me sigh so much. Which reminds me of another bus journey, two weeks ago. I was reading a Frontline article, about El Baradei, the IAEA, the U.S.interests in Iran and how they're going about it. Oh, THE RAGE! I got so, so angry that it nearly made me cry. And all I can do is write about it here. I think I'll suffer from serious high blood pressure problems if I continue reading those articles. The Hindu and the Frontline, both are admirable in these articles that they publish regularly.

There was also this very nice article in the Hindu, about Muslim women embracing their feminism in a different way from the West and that the numbers of such women in the 'First World' or the 'free' world is increasing by their own choice. Finally, someone spoke up. Otherwise all people do when they have to rant about female oppression and male chauvinism is to put a picture of a woman wearing hijab. It is NOT done only out of compulsion!(which is the case sometimes)

One very nice thing that happened last week, was an interview I and a junior took of one of our professors. I've realized after coming here, that there is certainly something enjoyable and informative in attending talks and talking to people who've 'been there, done that. This professor was so unassuming and had dabbled in so many things! He likes cooking and can cook apart from Indian, Japanese and Dutch cuisine! Every book he talked about, he'd place it on the table in front of us (which was already covered with books to a height of nearly 3 inches). While talking about his cooking interests ( 'I never intended to be in academia, one day i'd like to open up a restaurant and offer people new and differnt things to try out every day!') he asked us to wait and then from a tiny plastic tiffin box, offered us laddus he'd made! It was so cool! :)

Oh and I'm also tired of people cribbing about how they'd take their life because there was nothing better to do. If you had something that belonged to someone else and you had the power to break it, that power would not give you the right to call that object yours. It belongs to the person who owns it, he holds the rights to it. If you could not choose how and who you would be born as, or even where and you did not have the choice to choose if you were going to be born or not, it doesnt give you the right to end your life or call it only yours, just because you can. Neither does it give you the right to abuse it, like the saying goes, amaanat mein khiyanat nahin karte.


mythalez said...

ah ... finally a post !!

shub said...

*stares in astonishment*
*cups hands around mouth (miss india ishtyle)*
*faints and drops down to floor*

PlayBoi said...

hmm, good post, good one . not the kind of stuff that will take u 1 month to compose, i expected more

AK-84 said...

hmm.. "post kar billi" wud have been better.. the name's cool CAT afterall

melon collie said...


Handa said...

der lagi aane main tumko,
shukra hai phir bhi aaye to,
aas ne dil ka saath na chooda,
waise hum ghabraye to.

Anonymous said...

dodo, :D

shub, :D hee hee, negative publicity? :D

Ak-84, you should tell Shub that :)

melon collie, phew? For? How are you btw? Long time no see :)

Handa, shukriya :D Made it up or is it some song? :-s


PlayBoi said...

you did not reply to what i wrote :((

Tree Elf said...

absolutely LOVE the template. very laid back colors. Where'd you get it from?

infinity said...

yes...the frontline and the hindu are definitely the best in journalism that india has to offer...especially refreshing after toi and india today...

Anonymous said...

playboi, well .. thank you .. but that's all i could come up with :D

tree elf, I stole it :D from url namesake ( Finally some positive comments on the template! :)

Infinity, varry true. TOI has half the content of the Hindu and presents it in such a haphazard manner!


Arnav said...

Nice post, but the portion I found most interesting was your statement about people cribbing about taking their own lives. I do that a lot too (cribbing...can't take my life more than once), and so was slightly annoyed by the claim that one's life isn't completely one's own. I think my life is one of the very few things I can call my own. Even if other people had a role in bringing it into existence, and other people had played a role in making it run, it does not give them a right to dictate how I end it, does it?

Sudha said...

If your life isn't your own, whose is it?

The Reporter said...

Arnav and Sudha,
You could call it yours if you brought it into existence or if you owned it, by some kind of purchase. You can not only take your own life, you can take the life of a whole lot of other people if you want to, that doesn't make their lives yours, does it?
Your life belongs to who caused you to exist and who gave you life. And no, that's not your parents, because they cannot choose whether to give you life or not.

The Reporter said...

I'm not talking about other people having a claim over how you end your life, i'm saying, that you don't have the right to end your life if you wanted to, because you don't own it in the first place.

blister said...

bravo! ;) nice speech dere dear. totally agree

Sudha said...

Eh, I can tell we're going to get into the murky waters of Creationism and Evolution again, so I won't say what immediately sprung to my mind after I'd read your reply.

But seriously. You should (actually, all the non Evolutionists should) read 'The Blind Watchmaker' by Richard Dawkins-- that way you'd atleast know what you were opposing!

Or, failing that, anything by Ayn Rand. If that doesn't make you an atheist, I'll admit that you are a true believer.