Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Why you should watch Salaam Namaste

- To see the camera zoom over Saif clad in Superman shorts time and again. Oh and Superman pants too.

- For the fact that there is a wedding on a beach followed by a song with picturization to beat all picturizations. Oh, and I never knew that weddings on beaches were followed by everyone falling asleep on the beach.

- To realize that there are very few scenes where Saif is wearing more clothes than Zinta.

- To risk permanent deafness by hearing Preity screech her head off. If all radio jockeys were like her I doubt there'd be many people left with their hearing intact.

- To see how pretty Saif looks in pink. There are also very few scenes where Preity is wearing more pink than Saif. ( The whole thing is more fun if you have friends who shout 'Gay! Gay!' out loud while there is dead silence all around).

- To watch a song very appropriately titled 'What's going on?' If you find pregnant women dancing, prancing and running around on walls fun, this is THE movie for you.

- To realize that a certain actor's guest appearance in a mind-numbing role can ruin all the charm his acting had before.

- To point out the number of scenes that seem to be stolen directly from Friends.

- Last, but definitely not the least, for the exquisite ending.

The only saving grace of the movie is Javed Jaffrey. He's hilarious. He's actually the only reason why you should watch this movie. The rest of the time will be spent in saying 'What is the going on?'



PlayBoi said...

one word for the movie ...


(btw u forgot Tanya, she is HOT, and the fact that half the movie, zinta is without makeup and has a swollen face with sunken eyes and flat cheeks)

ZuluBoy said...

wonderful. We're going to watch it this saturday. the person I'm going with thinks Saif is cute. I'll keep that 'gay' shouting thingy in mind ;) Hehehe

pitty said...

Hillarious! Loved the last bit of the review... not to mention the "GAY" bit. Although I'm assuming that after reading this, people might not want to go and watch any movies with us anymore.

infinity said...

haven't yet seen the movie and u've just influenced me not to...i'll probably see it now only if i'm really bored...

joy said...

nice job..will watch the movie neways:)

burf said...

i presume ur article was not inspired by mine on the same topic, but tnx u gave me enough reasons to not waste my 20 bucks (on the pirated CD :p)


The Reporter said...

playboi, I find it unbelievable that someone would find her 'HOT'.

Zubbie, :D 'Someone'? :-? Intuhresting, yeah, have fun :) Any movie is worth watching if you have good company :)

Pitty, thengyu :) Why would they not? :-/

Infinity, I think you can watch it once, at least for J.Jaffrey, it isn't that bad :D

joy, yeah, come back and read the review .. the last lines will make more sense then :)

burf, shall check your article :), i tink its okay to spend the 20 bucks, you can skip all the songs :D, will take away some of the pain :)

Anonymous said...

When you are with me, I'm free
I'm careless, I believe
Above all the others we'll fly
This brings tears to my eyes

ironhide said...

i kind of liked the old template..it was easier on the eyes.

with the slow easing of restrictions at work..maybe i can read more blogs than code..

a honest suggestion..cut down on blogging if you plan to get into IT companies..if its too drastic..it hurts.

aha the blogroll has my name :) that i take as a honour :)

The Reporter said...

Anonymous, your sacrifice? Umm okay, thank you.

ironhide, so have many people said. Funny, its quite easy on my eyes :|. What restrictions?
And didn't get 'a honest suggestion..cut down on blogging if you plan to get into IT companies..if its too drastic..it hurts.' Please to explain. Its scary.

You're walcome. It would add more honour to my blogroll if you blogged a little more regularly :P

ironhide said...


CPE-810,bs7799,Sarbanes-Oaxely,CPS-220,customer data..business continuity..etc and etc

the internet is a very bad thing according to companies..most companies place some sort of restrictions..mine is a little over paranoid ..only now are they realising the fact that maybe..just maybe..there is some good in the net..so they have invested a lot of money to allow us "safe" access to the net

oh the hurting part? well if you shift out of hyd..there will be hazaar tensions..blogging will be the last of them..the maid servant coming late..water running out..electricity bills..cable subscription..basically a lot of things that we took for granted and assumed "just" happened..
and amidst all this finding a internet kiosk and GOING and blogging..THAT will be painful

Darth Midnightmare said...

Damn.....came across this 12 hours too late, considering that I saw the watershed movie last night....*sigh*.....but you missed out the awesome "Robin Williams in Nine Months" imitation by the excellent "doctor".......

Nice blog......


khandu said...

why o why I didn't read this post before wasting money.

manuscrypts said...

hmm, not a safe movie to watch!!

The Reporter said...

Hmm. You're making me even more determined to not join an IT company. Par pata nahin kismat mein kya likha hai ;)

So now you can access blogs and post and stuff? That's good.

Hmm, the shifting out of Hyderabad part is scary too. Soon you guys will be dying to have 'someone' to do all that work for you, won't you? :P

Hmm, well I still have a few months to go so I shall see then :D Even otherwise, I'm not a very regular poster :D

The Reporter said...

johnny boy, tsk tsk :), but javed jaffrey was okay na? I did write about a charming actor ruining his old impressions .. Thanks :)

khandu, hehe, but it isnt thaaaaaat bad na?

Manu, have you watched it or did you decide that on the basis of my comments? I would certainly not call it a family movie :D

shub said...

damn!! n i'm still dyting to watch the movie!! i guess its the craving cos i'm away from india!!!

blister said...

and i'm gonna tell mommy u saw a movie chori-chori and are making comments on boyyyyyyyyys' shorts.haaaaaaaw! shit, i'm just J, i haven't watched a monie in ages, better bring 'Iqbal' next time u come home, or risk mommmmmy seeing this particular post! heheheheh

khandu said...

yeah not that bat just coz I'm a great Zinta fan :)

thedq said...

"The only the parts of the movies that was the interstings was the Javed Jaffery" . The last 15 minutes of the movie were completely rotten!

Abhilash said...

Dont u like friends? I am slightly out of touch, but I frankly dont remember anything particular which was copied here..

i c u dont like the movie, but why eggjactly do u want to make people sovvy by making em watch it for what u call the saving grace is - it is more like a coup-de-grace.