Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Scary? :D

I found this entry in my diary from over a year ago. Someone's coming in probably caused the abrupt ending to my typing but sure seems like something else

i just got all irritated over nothing and kinda pissed ______ off about ____________________. How dumb ... as if the sky was gonna fall in the next few


Handa said...

the incident would hve been better

burf said...

u put imagination to test

Suhail said...

Ha! :) Have been reading yr blog on and off for sometime, but for some weird reason picked up this post to make my first comment.
Did you purposely leave out the blanks in this post, or was it left blank in yr diary entry as well? Whatever it is, very intriguing and quirky.

master blahster said...

it waaz meeeeee ;)

The Reporter said...

handa, yeah sure :P

burf :)

suhail, it was obviously not blank in my diary. :)

O blahster, who art thou?