Saturday, August 06, 2005

Rock on, baebay

"They accuse us of buying arms to give
them to the guerillas — no, they're for our troops,'' Mr. Chavez said. "They are a terrorist state, but they accuse us of being terrorists.''


agastyabhrata said...

That's some nice food for thought on Hiroshima Day.

btw, your new template is really nice. "enticing multi-coloured arrays" -eh?

mythalez said...

And why werent we allowed to comment on the previous post eh ??

burf said...

hey where r u? no replies?

manuscrypts said...

its all about perspective!!

blister said...

i know this is in bad taste and that cool cat will fry me for this, but i just couldn't help thinking of it this way - "they accuse us of buying arms to give them to the gorillas - no, they're for our capuchins(monkeys with short arms)." Mr.Chavez said. why would gorillas need longer arms? hmm.... because of all the tree-felling, the trees are further away???

blister(ing barnacles) said...

me again. yeah, WHY cant we comment on Monday's post? like u can stop people from commenting? we'll comment HERE! what's to stop us from doing that, haan? NAYIS poem dudette, wheredjya snitch it frm?

blister being sisterly... said...

NEWS FLASH! NEWS FLASH! cc, u do not have stare forlornly any more.... u can actually go UP to the array, pick a bag and munch away! i discovered a new brand on the market - McFills - they produce multi-colored arrays of packeted potato snacks that are MSG-free. i just ate 'NE Time' - looks like Bugles, tastes like pringles' paprika flavors........ Yayyy!!!

The Reporter said...

Wow! Aga*, i never thought of the enticing multi-coloured arrays, each of the colours can go for a lays' flavour!

dodo, because you werent allowed to :D

burf, sorry about that :), i replied no? :)

manu, yeah :)

blister, why yu spamming my blog with your senseless comments? :P Esp. the first one!!
I didn't snitch it from anywhere!
and thanks for the sisterly comment, I gladly take note :D