Friday, July 15, 2005


Zuluboy> tagged me ... so here goes:

Three names i go by:
CC (thanks to this blog!), tubelight(in school) and Jimmy L :)

three screen-names
coolcat (my first chat name :) ) and the others I shan't reveal :D

things i like about myself
- Perceptiveness (yo teq! :))
- My orthographic skills(well, mostly! :D) and ability to remember lots of phone numbers :D
- I dont grudge people any compliments :)

things i don't like about myself:
- My inability to end conversations until the other person has said bye even when I should be leaving and the subsequent anger at myself :D
- Laziness!
- Way too absent-minded sometimes!

things that scare me:

- Processions that carry saffron/green flags and have people beating huge drums, any kind of riot-like things
- Death, especially one without much advance notice
- Thoughts of certain future possibilities

three things i like in the opposite sex:

- Cuteness (in a very specific previously mentally determined way :D)
- Wit/A great sense of humour
- To know when to joke and when not to
- Oh and to stand up for statements made
(So that's four :D, so what? )

three essentials:

- Good company
- Daily dosage of solitude
- Enough sleeeeeeeeeep :D

three things i want to do badly now:

- Eat! (been hungry since morning :D)
- Know that I know what I want to do in life :D (that's like asking for too much)
- EAT! ( its consuming my brain power)

three careers i'm considering:
- Novelist?!
- s/w engineer :|
- Whatever comes after an MBA

Three places i want to go on vacation:

- the Great Coral Reef
- Turkey
- Capetown

Three kids' names i like:
- Chumki :D (There's a very cute girl in Tinkle who goes by this name)
- Hala (pronounced Haala)
- Shumain

To do before dying:

- Make sure I go to heaven :D
- Been somewhere breathtakingly beautiful
- Like Anthony Hopkins says in Meet Joe Black, to wake up and find that there's nothing more you'd want from life

three people to take this quiz:

Haha! Have fun! :D


Dreamcatcher said...

You know i had thought i would say that i dont like how absent minded i am but then i went and forgot.

burf said...

hey i guess i have tagged u a loooooong back :(