Thursday, July 28, 2005

Notes to myself

-- The rain's been making everything look green and refreshing. The other day, while I was going in the bus, it was so lovely outside that I didn't even open the book I had in my bag. Surprising, the changes it can bring to the city.

- After more than a year or maybe even two, got completely drenched in the rain. Its been raining incessantly here and the weather's beautiful almost all the time. The chilling spray
made everyone gasp and gusts of wind blew sheets of rain all across the road. A shivering, laughing feeling.

- Chinese food can actually taste very good as opposed to only being filling.

- Two of my best friends got married and divorced within a few minutes. ;)

- Going shopping without planning can be quite a tiring experience. Can also make you plead at certain places to be allowed in, because you came from so far away. You also might end up having bought none of the things you planned to buy and a lot of other things that you'll regret buying later.

- For the first time, I crossed the cutoffs in all three sections. Yai! Now, if only I could be consistent with that ...

- Sometimes, the best thing to do is going out and having dinner all by yourself. You have much more to take in and things seem to sort out themselves. It takes away all the overcrowding.

- And sometimes, all the words in the world aren't enough.

- " ... I found Sony Music Systems in my mess, canteen and bookstore. For the first few days they were playing something what some people might call music but I beg to differ from them. All of them constantly played the song(I hate using this word for it) Agar tum mil jaao, zamana chor denge hum and it was horrible ..."

These lines from Handa's blog reminded me of a day when the bus in which I was travelling was playing this song. I kept wondering why (and not even a guy, a girl) would sing 'Agar tum mil jaao, nahana chor denge hum'

- And today dad said ' usse mohabbat hogayi tum ko' and he was talking about my PC :D. And that sure is true.


Surinder said...

very nice change cp :) ..

and congrats for clearing everything ! :) ..

and have u ever tried getting drenched while driving a bike ;-)

ZuluBoy said...

heyyy CC ! How're you ? this looks cool btw.

Can you actually read in a a moving bus ? You must be blessed!

'plead to be allowed in' --> ???

Handa said...

i dont like this new template... the only good thing about this is the fact that my name is at the top :)

Dreamcatcher said...

sometimes all the words in the world are not enough.
i know.

mythalez said...

What with the colours ??
White scores above all of them in my opinion...
Btw, 3D ppl was a nice name to the group ..:)

burf said...

i was shocked to realize, today, that i was addicted to vaseling ;) (i mean the picture of the tumbler of the petroleum jelly which they use to sell in the name of va****** :p)

and as i write this comment the vry song is playing in the background, 1st time i liked it but yea the way its been repeated, it has screwed the whole i guess u hate the repeatition, right? and which is ur fav form of music(i mean the actual music :p) btw?

and what ever happened to ur halo scan thingy?

guys' envy PC's pride :p

burf said...

oops, i dint see the invisible quotes...


~ | | OM | | ~ said...

LOL @ "Nahana Chor Denge"....

Anonymous said...

cc,i really miss the bottle of vaseline..hmm.... why don't you put up a pic of you "staring forlornly at enticing multi-colored array of packaged chips"? i read it so many times, i want to see what it looks like. next time we stop at a gas pump, what say u bring along a digicam?
yuwar lau'ing Blister

Smitali Chopra said...

good that you are clearing the cutoffs in all sections.. looks like i have a long way to go in that direction

shub said...

ptee hee heee....cute post girl!!
n better strt clearing the cut off consistently n by a large margin from now in. all the very best dearie >:D<

The Reporter said...

dhangoo! Yeah, but i dindt cross in the next test :'(. No, I don't remember doing so but i'm sure it'll be a great experience :) albeit a very dangerous one :D

Zubbie hi :D Thanks :) Yeah, do a lot of reading in the bus, its a one and a half hour journey! Somehow never had a problem with it. We had to plead to be allowed in at a beauty parlour, because it was late by the time we'd reached :)

The Reporter said...

Who cares 'bout your opinion? :D Hmm, because of your unkind statement, I shall think of moving you away from the top!

I wanted a change :) And thanks :) I have the feeling I copied it from somewhere, but I have no idea where :|

hehe, I must have passed on the addiction to you. Hmm, i've listened to the song only once, dont like it much :) Me took off haloscan. It eats up comments on old posts! :D You could be write about that pride thing ;)

The Reporter said...

:) I have a terrible sense of hearing.

Me thot you might have seen me like that already? Will show you next time :P Lau to you too :)

That was only once :'(. Didn't cross cutoffs this time again.

Jee Mummy. Jaise aap ki aagya (Remember that line, 'Ladkiyon ko agyakari hona hi chahiye?' :D ) Hope you're doing well too >:D<

manuscrypts said...

colorful, i say :)

Sudha said...

--Chinese food can actually taste very good as opposed to only being filling.--

You found that out just now?

And you were the Class Topper for two years HOW??
Btw, remember that damned shiny red badge you used to have? : )

--Going shopping without planning can be quite a tiring experience.--

I dunno, I find doing stuff without planning can be fun sometimes.Gives you a delightful feeling of spontaneity, if you care for that sort of thing! : P

--These lines from Handa's blog reminded me of a day when the bus in which I was travelling was playing this song. I kept wondering why (and not even a guy, a girl) would sing 'Agar tum mil jaao, nahana chor denge hum'--

I laughed for about a minute after I read that. Finally! Now I guess you won't giggle insanely (as you used to) when I have the same experience any time. Now if only I could get the rest of the guys to follow suit...

burf said...

hey cat u wana do some part-time work at home?

The Reporter said...

manu, thanks :)

Yes, I did Sudha, i was always slow, I really dont know how I managed that badge part :D

Yeah, only i've done that no plannign thing too many times for it to be fun! :-s

Did I always giggle insanely? :(