Thursday, June 30, 2005

Death and taxes

And yesterday I finally watched Meet Joe Black. Brad Pitt is so pretty! :D I feel like I should be drawing little red hearts with arrows pierced through them around his name. :D

'Nothing's final except death and taxes.'
'Death and taxes?'
'Death and taxes?'

and towards the end ...

'Who would have thought? The Internal Revenue Service?'
'Death and taxes.'

Coming to other things, my cousin brought back an RD from the States while she was returning. Americans seem to be overly obsessed with their health. Oh and every advertisement about some medicine is followed by two pages of extremely fine print with the side-effects of every drug. If only, our health industry was so conscientious and we were more responsible consumers ...

The RD also carried the quote 'The best present a man can give a woman is his undivided attention.'
So true. It would make a lot of women happy, I bet. Specially considering the spats I've seen some married couples have.

And I'm wondering how it would feel to have Brad Pitt's undivided attention. ;)


khandu said...

MJB is really a cool movie and americans are maniac abt their health. we don't even care about how clean the water we drink is. you think we'll worry abt medics :)

manuscrypts said...

a certain ms.jolie should know..

playboi said...

hmm dont know how it would feel to get pitts attention, but yeah it would be awesome give ur full-undivided self to Ms jolie.

burf said...

i guess brad pitt is a bit of hype, isnt it?

Tipsy Topsy said...

i wonder if Pitt is capable of "undivided" attention!!!

TheSophist said...

told u so told u so told u so :D does he cry in that movie? you should see him sniffle :'( boohoo how can anyone be so pretteeee

burf said...

where r u?

The Reporter said...

Khandu, well said :) .. yeah, we're havign trouble with such basic amenities only!

manu, hehe and so should jennifer aniston and god knows who all :)

playboi, as usual :P

burf, hehe, not in this movie!! :)

TT, why would you think so? :-/

TheSophist, yes! I totally agree with you and yeah his sniffling is cute! :)

burf, in nonblogland :) Was not well :) How have you been doing?