Thursday, May 05, 2005


What do i write about?

Should I write about this infant I saw the other day, whose hand was charred black? Her grandmother said she'd been burnt by tea. So lucky to have our limbs intact alhamdulillah.

Should I write about mistaking 127 for 217 and getting into the wrong bus? And while going through the corrective route, there was a sick traffic jam which happened because there had been an accident? And that all that was left there was some part of the that-plastic-thing-that's in front of hte motorbike, some shiny stuff and a pool of blood. The lady in the 7seater with me ... with 5 very smiling kids in tow kept asking the driver the details. Whoever it was ... died. She seemed very satisified with the information. I was struck by a sudden involuntary thought 'I don't want to die'. Five minutes ago that guy wouldn't have known he would die, would he? So fragile, so so fragile.

Happier things would be writing about the other day when 14 of us cousins and some 'big people' went to, of all places ... the zoo. Had fun though ... we played games instead of checking out the animals (Why is the exhaustion that follows such games so refreshing and uplifting? ). I LOVE playing kho-kho :D. I hope one day when we go on a college trip we can play it again :D ( I hope i won't be hanged for this). Though it must be much easier to outrun chote chote cousins than a zillion times faster classmates. And of course i'm the girl who always came second last in races. Chah.

Little three year old cousin straightens up the collar on his dad's shirt and says 'Dekho aap kitne achche lag rahe hain, bilkul hero jaise .. mere hero no.1!'

Cousins staying off and on. Three different sets till now. Our pc has become a theatre that regularly screens Monster's Inc. If you haven't watched that movie, get a DVD and watch it!

That's the only movie that's stayed on my comp for two years. Boo and Kitty. Soooo cute :) I get the feeling that shrek and movies like these are more designed for older people than kids. They've got such cool jokes!

Oh and I just watched Waqt. Very nice comedy and quite different but it had the same typical bollywood ending that makes you go 'PLEASE TELL ME HE'S NOT GOING TO BE SAVED, HE CAN'T BE!' and on and on. Bwakh. Leaves a bitter taste in the maus.

Okay, have fun people. And take care.


burf said...

would u belive i actually hit to check out the meaning of "maus"

GratisGab said...

What about Mike Wazowski? My cute little one-eyes monster!! :)

PlayBoi said...

hmm, havnt seen Monsters Inc. so cant comment on that .. i do stare into mirror a lot though :D

and going to zoo .. why waste money .. come to OBH :D

and still abt Kho-Kho .. hmm i have seen u run when on basketball court .. i think u can catch me :p

and lastly .. ppl say waqt sucks the most .. dont know how u liked it .. i think ruchir is rite .. i mean they all are rite .. u are sentimeen

Anonymous said...

burf .. that's too bad :P That's one of my old habits :)

gabby wabby (a la your cute green monster), nah, i don't like him that much :D

I said i liked the comedy, because its different. :P The movie sucks because of the ending


gump, very gump said...

cute cute post! been here for the first time!

will def be here again!

i like the papa collar thing, i liked the outrunning chote chote cousins :)

gump, very gump said...

and the song "do me a favor lets play holi" has become very popular among my peers...its from waqt i believe.....the trashy song in anu malik voice that it is, refuse to go out of mind onve youve lsitened to it !!!