Sunday, May 22, 2005

Right now

1. I am terribly sick of this summer heat.

2. I cannot eat the chicken tikka that has just come from the neighbours' party because I have recently discovered i'm allergic to chicken.

3. I desperately want some chocolate.

4. I think I will make a terrible grown up. Selfish. Long time grudge keeping. LAZY!

5. I wish it would rain.

6. And the current would not play hide and seek.

7. I'm wondering when I'll get work done.

8. I wish there was something of an instantaneous mood uplifter.

9. I think I shall watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

10. This is a very sad way of writing a post. What the hell, :D

bai bai.


Tipsy Topsy said...

Awww. *hug*

Cheer up Sweetie!

playboi said...

1. i offered u to BC with .. but u said NO.
2. yes u should watch frnds...


3. It did rain today, how can God say no to our dear sweet (ur name).

manuscrypts said...

working on #8, problem is its damn subjective!!

burf said...

rain! it should rather snow in delhi, wont our delhi be perfect if it just snowed here ... :D ... wishful thinking :D

GratisGab said...

Hmmm....never heard of chicken allergy before....ouch for ya..

mythalez said...

chicken allergy, chips allergy ... wat ll u eat now ?? :o
u asked for rain, and u got a storm.
so no longer be forlorn ... :P

sad way? its a reassuring way :D

The Reporter said...

TT, thanks a lot :) and same to you! :)

playboi, i know! so cool na? :D and i'm not very sorry about refusing your offer :D

manu, sure is :D but friends would count as a universal, non?

burf, :(( i so wish it would!

gabby, common apparently :(

dodo, chocolates! :D I hope that ch thing doesnt get stolen from me! Yeah, god was listening to me then! :) And forlorn doesn't even rhyme :P ... How is it reassuring?