Monday, May 02, 2005

the paust week ...

Considering how much I've been travelling to and fro from college by bus, quite a few are bus related ...

- Two little girls sitting in front of me, bent on staring their eyes out at me, wonder how many people they've irritated the same way. I smiled at them initally, thinking they wanted to talk, but I realized they were pros ... they went on without batting an eyelid. I gave up, turned to my book and pretended to not notice them at all. Periodically they kept looking at each other and giggling, then finally gave up. I won! :D

- While waiting at the bus stop, something happened to a bus that had just come in, all of its seats occupied by people in a hurry. From under the bus, there came this loud, extremely high pitched sound, I started and people all around were alarmed. My first thought was 'Oh my God! A bomb!' :-s

It was so uncanny, the way people came scurrying out of the bus ... it was exactly like ants running away from food placed under the sun. Somewhere, deep down, we're all the same ...

- I've been reading Moby Dick on all my bus journeys. Somehow the language or the print keeps me from finishing it asap. In the course of reading that book, I've finished reading more than four or five books ... Amitav Ghosh's 'The Shadow Lines', Life of Pi, 1984, a book by Nicholas Sparks - author of the book called 'A Walk To Remember' on which a movie was made ... and a couple more. Now I've got three more good ones from the lib again!

- The Shadow Lines is the kind of book that you want to hug and go to sleep. Or at least I wanted to :)

- After reading 1984, I told sis that we could give our life the title 'Big Mother is Watching'. :D

- Cousin who just completed 4th class, after listening to older cousins talking, very matter-of-factly : 'Fifty percent of our class speaks in Hindi in class, the rest one percent in English' :D

- Am finally getting a feel of my 'holidays'.

- Net's finally working. Can look forward to regular blogging. Yay! :)


burf said...

- how little were the girls?
- were u meeting them in the eye or just letting them fix their gaze on ur contemplating face?
- can indian females ever loose to a stare ;)?
- "we are all same" matlab- are u comparing humans to ants or humans to humans or who :D?
- if ur holidays are on then what d u do all the time in the bus, hope u r not a conductor ;)?
- what are the 3 titles?
- why do u want to hug "the shadow lines"?

the kid's cute :D


Tipsy Topsy said...

a book u want to hug and sleep..can totally relate.

just bought 1984...hope to read it soon :)

The Reporter said...

dear burf,
in answer to yoru many questions ...
-i think they were around 9
-the former
-didn't get you :)
-what do you think ? :P
-i use the bus to travel to college
-i don't remember
-because i loved it

The Reporter said...

TT, yeah .. its an amazing book :) Have fun with 1984, shall i tell you the ending? :D