Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Blissfully happy ...

until my parents called. Sounds like a story you've read a billion times before? I'm sorry but its true :(.

I dreamt that i'd just been given a thick envelope (in retrospect it wasn't thick enough to hold that much money) and i was waving it at my sis saying 'I got thirty lakhs! Thirty lakhs' and then cousin took the envelope from me and started saying 'YOu had 44 lakhs before .. and now you've got 30 ' and was adding them up ...

and then i had to be woken up to talk to muh parents and two sentences into the conversation, I started shouting on the phone to dad, 'I had thirty lakhs in my dream! Thirty lakhs! ANd you took them away' and i was laughing. I must have sounded a little crazy, which made dad say very matter-of-factly 'Jitna hai usmein hi khush raho' :-s

Then mom was talking and I started saying the same thing to her so she laughed and said 'Go back to sleep, you'll get them back' and I was like ' Noooo, no!'

Even after i'd hung up I couldn't wipe the smile off my face and kept laughing which prompted sis to say 'What's the big deal? Stop laughing ... it was just a dream!' And then I said 'It WAS a big deal!
I FELT the happiness for REAL! It was such a blissful feeling!'

It really was. And I must have sounded quite crazy on the phone :D. Thanks to that dream, I was in such a great mood the whole day. And to top it all, the weather matched my happiness! A lubbly -lubbly day. May everybody have such days :)


Tipsy Topsy said...

I dreamt that one of my friends had died . Thank God I woke up.

manuscrypts said...

and one day, may it become reality :)

The Reporter said...

TT, i'm so sorry. I had a dream like that once, and it left as real a feeling as this one did. I woke up in tears and shuddering. Called up friend immediately. And yes, was I thankful or what! :)

Manu, thank you and shame to you :D