Saturday, April 23, 2005

India Shining?

Two little girls come home every evening, my mom teaches them the recitation of the Qur'an. They're not that little actually, they're around 10-11. Sis was telling me, the other day, Mom was trying to teach one of them how they should pause at an ayah which is denoted by a circle, acting like a fullstop.

The girl didn't understand though, so mom took my sister's medicine textbook and pointed out a fullstop to them and asked 'Yeh kya hai?'

First girl: *Silence*
(After prompting)

Second girl: Question mark?

They're in 5th class and 4th class respectively.

* * *

My mom is the director of a small group of small chools. For the 7th class board exams that are a part of the state syllabus, like all board exams, different schools become the examination centres.

This time, a group of teachers came to my mom and complained that the school that was the examination centre, had seated all the children of their school in one room separately and lots of cheating was going on. The teachers then went to the school authorities and complained, asking the students to be seated with students from other schools. The school authorities turned down the request asking these teachers not to interfere as the parents of these students had asked for cheating to be allowed!

And then we complain about corruption ... beat this!

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