Saturday, April 09, 2005

I had started writing the first few lines of my next story,
went out for dinner,
dropped my bag out of the auto,
therefore lost mine AND my friend's cell phones, ATM cards and ID cards.
Within 5 minutes of dropping it we called up our phones to find tht both were either switched off or out of calling area.
I don't know if they were run over or if someone found them.
My ATM card also stands as a debit card, I have quite some cash in my account.
Tomorrow is a state holiday. I haven't been able to call the bank as yet and I don't know what chances are there for tomorrow.
I had around four hundred rupees in my SIM card.
It was supposed to be a good ending to third year.
I am going home and *might* get a net connection.
If I do, I will blog.
Else, have a nice time people, shall be posting only irregularly.
I am in a very bad mood right now, so forgive me for not being nicer.
Take care
and like Manuscrypts
Until next time, be careful with bags in your laps.


Anat said...

all banks have this special 24 hour helpline for debitcard/ATM card help. call them anytime and they can block ur cards right over the phone, u dont even need to visit them. The helplines work even on national holidays.
even though ur debit card was protected by ur passcode, but anybody can go shopping with ur cards....

manuscrypts said...

hope things are sorted out... btw, 'until next time, girls and their bags!!'... :p

The Reporter said...

Anat, thanks a lot .. i was trying to dial the 24 hour customer care number from a cellphone, surprisingly, you can't do that .. i dont know why ..called up the next morniing from home and blocked it. Am now applying for a new account just to be safe.

Manu ... not sorted out, more like resigned to fate i guess :) .. yeah, htat line would be more like you .. only you didn't lose all that and you're not a girl! :-( ;)