Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Wheeeee ha!

Yesterday, after a long, looong time, dinner that made me feel great, burritos followed by a triple scoop chocolate sundae called Dark Devil. Mmmmm. Scrumptious :D. Was a farewell treat :)

Since God won't turn the great ball of fire away, I was irritating Rn with the ice-cold water from our cooler today. Then a little while later, Rn, pitti and I happened to be standing and talking near the cooler and I threw a handful of water(if you can say so, or call it chullu bhar paani :D) at Rn. And of course Rn needs no encouragement, out came her whole bottle at Pitti and me. Unfortunately, her bottle is vertically challenged so she was done with it pretty soon. While she was filling it, she got a whole load of it from Pitti and me. I ran upstairs to the second floor for a reload. While coming down found Rn at the first floor, being at a vertical advantage I managed to shoot at her ;) as much as possible. But, alas, size does matter. I was soon overpowered and my bottle taken, and I got it bad.

We came downstairs, having dirtied two floors, the guard was staring at us. I filled up my bottle again but Rn took it away on some pretext and I was left bottleless again. She ran into her room and locked it while Pitti and I waited outside. Pitti then shut off her room's electric supply from outside so Rn said she'd come out but only if we didn't dirty her room. We being nice, considerate people complied, only to find that madame came out with two bottles totally loaded and Pitti and I were done for. Totally soaked. No time to retaliate as madame locked herself in again.

Now she's in Kir's room, right beside mine, bored and wants to come and sit in my room. A bottle full of ice cold water is on my right side. She spoke from Kir's room in placating terms 'Pleaaase, let me come no, I'm bored. Let's stop it now, okay, i've changed and all, pleaase'.

I'm waiting. We can also be Rns.

Sooo much fun :D. We should do this every week. Oh and people, Happy Holi! ;)


mythalez said...

And there hav been water shortages in obh...:P

IdeaSmith said...

Lol....vertically challenged bottle...

Tipsy Topsy said...

sounds fun. and a good relief from the heat!

manuscrypts said...

er...kaun se class main padhte ho?? :p

Mistress of Magic said...

vertically challenged bottle ? haha .. looks like u had lotsa fun..

Mistress of Magic said...
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Anonymous said...

doda, :-s

Ideasmith, what an honour to see you here :), an old fan of yours :)

TT, sure was! :)

Manu X-(, we all have a leetle child in us :D

Mistress of magic, yeah , we sure did :)