Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Today our HSSM lady was talking about Auschwitz, Hiroshima, Nagasaki etc. and as she was talking about the gassing of huge numbers, crowds a news item i'd read a few weeks ago came into my mind. I don't even remember the place, there had been a rally of some sort and people had been arrested and trucked to take them to a certain place and they all had suffocated and died.

Its so easy to die. We're alive by such a fragile thread and we hardly realize it. I almost shuddered at the thought. We always tend to think we're immortal. Whenver I think of my death, I think I will always know when it'll come and that somehow beforehand i'll come to know. But that isn't true.

I think of the people who die in sudden accidents and think, later when you come to know all you can talk about is how they died and why, what caused it. That's the end. You can't bring them back, they're gone forever. You dont know what's going on with them, because all the information available to you now is related only to the details of the death.

If you're a muslim and you have the concept of life after death, where the amount of money you amassed,your lineage or your designation won't make any difference and all that matters would be your deeds, then you have even more to be scared of. At that moment, my thoughts were (thought they might sound rather stupid) 'I'm alive. And I should do somehting about it'. And I thought carpe diem. I have so much to do, so much to read, that I thought Run Lola, Run.

Another thing i've been thinking about is thinking. Some people hardly seem to be doing any constructive thinking, others think so much but it takes them nowhere. Its so important to be conscious of everything you do, so worthless to do things without having thought about them.

Its time to run. Take care.


mythalez said...

sprinting across my life
i cast a look back
nostalgia overtook me
and i thought of my life past
i fell on my face
stumbling across a rock
looking at the past
i didnt see the future block!

Tipsy Topsy said...

Riots in movies scare me. That's one kind of death I am very scared of.

manuscrypts said...

"learn to walk before you run" :)

The Reporter said...

Nice poem doda :D

Same here, TT. The sound of drums in religious processions, any coloured flags scare the hell out of me...

Manu, :), thanks :), though I think I do know how to walk :)

and sorry about the late reply ...