Thursday, February 24, 2005

Would you like to have some life?

I screwed up my soft computing paper bigtime. BIGtime. Found myself very disappointed at my performance. It really doesn't help when you come out of the exam hall and discuss it with two people whose every sentence sounds like a gigantic bell clanging in the belfries of your mind and bats screech 'Like duh, like duh, like duh' (This sentence totally doesnt fit in here, I just wanted to put it there :D).

I felt so stupid, I was really disappointed. I wondered why God had given me so little of grey matter. Rn was sitting in my room and mom called right then, so I walked over to the newspaper room and sat down talking.

'Kaise gaye exams?'
'Third one was really bad'
After a long time, my voice was quivering.
'I dont know. I couldn't use my brain anymore. That was the best it could do'
'Aise kaise chalega ..'
'I dont know .. '
'Achcha, jaane do, all the best for tomorrow ...'

Felt worse after I hung up. Took up a paper lying around just like that. An article caught my eye. Summing up, a college going girl's body had been found in a sitting position, charred, dressed only in her undergarments. Her parents weren't home when she died. A guy who had been trying to make friends with her for quite a few days is under suspicion, he had followed the girl before.

What was it to die like that, I wondered. Being burnt to death. No parents around, nobody to help. The only person around, someone who wants to kill you. For no fault of yours.

My life's good, alhamdulillah. All it takes is a little perspective.


manuscrypts said...

good girl, u got it figured out.. now dont lose it.. :)

The Reporter said...

Thanks manu .. :)