Sunday, February 20, 2005

hello, bye bye

People with and without free time, do NOT miss these links:

I finally returned the books i'd borrowed from the lib after three or four months, here's my current list, don't know how many i'll succeed finishing:

-Franz Kafka - the complete novels (Sat points out atleast a 40-50 page story and says, 'Read this. And if you understand it, let me know'. I must try and see)

-Moby Dick - Was raving about Tom Sawyer to dad when he was here, he'd won the book as a prize in 5th class. Apparently he'd won Moby Dick too, later and I must read that too. Not very often, does dad recommend books.

-The Famished Road - Attracted by the Booker mentioned on the cover

-Disobedience- Jane Hamilton - Took it for timepass fiction types. Turned out good.

Three exams in a day. On Tuesday. Previous midsem portion included. Shall I tear my hair out or yours?

Dear God, thank you so much for the chill in the night today.


manuscrypts said...

do these books have any connection with the exams ;)

The Reporter said...

How I wish they did! :)