Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Bid adieu to the chipsmonster :(

Yesterday I was doing some googling on eczema, which I suffer from. Sob sob. I'd realized a few days ago that having excess of a particular thing was aggravating it. Boogle just affirmed it. I might be allergic to monosodium glutamate (MSG) found in preservatives and and and ...
(sobs some more)
packaged chips! Lays! Cheetos! ( I still had two packets today, after a long time though, lets see if it gets aggravated )

I also might be allergic to soft drinks (which I succumbed to today too :( ) but henceforth shall reduce.

Surprisingly, Baba was pretty disappointed when I told him that. Though I've inherited that taste for chatpata from him AND that he succumbs to chips and chaat the way I do, he usually won't take the trouble of buying a pack to eat, he'd rather eat it from ours!
He was like 'Hmm, you should eat fresh chips from now on then' And when I said I wasnt sure, but I think that excess of them causes it, he was like ' Oh, I hope that doesnt turn out to be the case ...' My dad rocks! :D


Puppy update:
An hour on V day was spent in around ten of us trying to name that teeny weeny thing. Some people didn't like Scout. Now its down to Tequila, Byte and Scout (with due apologies to Dreamcatcher, Tequila was my suggestion :-S) . Kir and Hau have decided to share her on a day to day basis. So she spent yesterday in the Boys Hostel.

This is what Trappy had to say -
i tried to make her eat
but she cudnt eat the bread
she eats ants although ..
thot i'll let her sleep n thn leave coz she kept following me evrytime i tried to leave..
but shes not comfortable in her bed
she keeps goin out if i put her in
finally she slept beside the bed i put a newspaper on her to keep her warm
shes asleep now :) finally
n she is so cute
im so happy :)

Everyone's gone dogs!

Sincerity is important. All problems seem to crop up because of the lack of it. Coolcat is going to try to be a good, sincere girl starting now (was supposed to be starting today morning, but umm, I overslept). Please give her due encouragement.



Tipsy Topsy said... too.
no chips and soft drinks?! :O mar jaayenge yaar!

The Reporter said...

i know .. :), though what might be true for me might not be for you, observe when you have them :). I *think* I'm right ...