Monday, January 03, 2005

Sometime in the hols ...

Finally. Making use of the comp at home. A computer seems so
useless without a net connection.

S and her cousins are playing L-O-N-D-O-N London statue! next door. Made me smile, we used to play the same game till 10th! I would have gone and played with them but then had some work to do, momma had left some orders for the help. She'd woken me up in the morning and I said 'Hmmmmmmm?'
'Tell the help to wash the balcony upstairs and wipe the hall floor'

Half an hour later when she was leaving for school, she woke me up again and asked 'What did I ask you to do?'

'Uhmmm, ask her to wash the balcony and wipe the hall floor'
'Right. Good. Khudahafiz (Noooo! Not the song!)'(Imagine mom saying 'Hey, Khudahafiz' Lol. Wonder if the lyricist knew that there is no relation between khudahafiz, shukriya and meherbani except that they're commonly used urdu words. Imagine an english song with the lyrics 'Hey farewell, thank you favour' Ptooey!)

At lunch time I realized I had no idea what mom had said. Had to call her up and ask her 'Umm, what did you make me repeat in the morning?'
'Ask the help to wash the balcony upstairs and wipe the hall floor ... and there are santrey (oranges) in the fridge' ( Sis told me that one day when she'd kept teasing S about how pathetic their Maruti van was and that it kept getting screwed up, S (currently in 4th class) angrily retorted 'Aapki kaunsi achchi hai, kaali santra!' :D .Our santro rocks man! ;) )

The other day was telling Immu about how I had played a shootout kinda game with S and her two elder brothers(the eldest one is currently in 10th), a year or two ago. We'd run around the house with imaginary guns and peeping cautiously into rooms before dhadaaming the door and pointing it at all corners.
She smiled and said 'You have a sad, sad life'. She thought i'd done it for lack of other entertainment!

'Nooo' I said 'I like those things from the movies, I'd do it now also if they were playing it again'
She laughed so I said 'Sab ke andar ek chota bachcha chipa hota hai' with mock seriousness.
'Yeah, right. Yours certainly doesn't seem chipa hua'
Hmm, guess S and her brothers will outgrow me soon.But I think I'll go and see if they're still playing.


mythalez said...
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Tipsy Topsy said...

great to have you back!

always fun playing with on babe!

manuscrypts said...

comp definitely not useless without net... all the games u could play, all the posts u could write on notepad and later post..hehe... have a great 2005 :)

mythalez said...

Mayb u shud start playin CS, UT or even Quake. :P

The Reporter said...

TT, thank you! :)

Its a khadoos comp Manu, no cool games. About the posts ... yeah, but i was too lazy :) Happy new year to you too :)

Dodo, hmm .... that's not so appealing :)

Prat said...

Great to know that the little child in you is not in there somewhere but is all nice and loud and kicking and waiting to be shown the world. Awesome spirit!!