Monday, January 10, 2005

Sigh ...

So I was sitting in our CAT class, listening intently to the quants whiz yakking away in the WORST combination of an Hyderabadi and Bombay accent ( his takiya kalams happen to be 'Fit hai?', 'So my dear friends ...', 'Ghussa mat kar ') and realized that the bench on which I was sitting was the last one and that there was no back-support (the table is attached to the bench). I leaned back a wee bit and realized that the bench could easily tip over. I smiled and forgot about it until (now you know what's coming)

an hour later I realized that I had leaned back a little. My dear little active brain immediately started sending signals, 'LEAN FORWARD, LEAN FORWARD, LEAN FORWARD!' It was too late! I found myself thinking 'No, cant move forward, cant move forward, CANT MOVE FORWARDDDDDDD!'

I fell back. Since there was quite some place behind the bench I was now flat on the ground, my legs still stuck in the bench ... and then of course, there was the icing on the cake ... the top of the wooden table which was attached to the bench found itself unable to resist the attraction of gravity and decided to land flat on my face.

I heard the whole class go 'Oh oh!' 'Oh no' and collective gasps. Some people came and helped me up. My glasses bent to one side, I smiled so that people would not start laughing and struggled to get them back to a straight level, on the bridge of my nose. Then a classmate pulled the bench to the wall at the back and both of us sat there. He asked me if everything was all right and I smiled and affirmed it.

The class got back to normal but I was laughing for atleast another five minutes. I'm the only girl in the class and I was really, really surprised that nobody found it funny. I don't know if they were trying to smother it, because if i'd been in their place i'd have laughed my head off. Well I'm grateful anyway :) , later some people I havent spoken a word to in three years, stopped by and asked me if I was feeling fine. Maybe the sight of the wooden slat on my face alarmed everybody :D. Well , I'm glad I've got glasses :).

My back and sides are still hurting. Rn very kindly applied Moov ( Aapke ghar mein kaun rehta hai, kamar dard ya moov? :D) . Sigh, Surdie, you wanted me to make a long post, now see what all you made me go through! Beware, your end is nigh! Mhuhahaha :D


manuscrypts said...

hurting coz of the fall or of laughing too much ??

Dreamcatcher said...

Well its nice to know u kept ur cool ..
also the fall didnt do anything to injure ur sense of humor..still intact.

Bhim said...

Hehe, I guess it woul've been a "kodak" moment. Anyone captured it? If not, please relive it and capture this time, and post the pic up here :)

The Reporter said...

manu, both i guess ;)

teq,yupsy daisy :)

Vardan, yeah they should have :), it would have been a riot :)

Prat said...

Amazing sense of humour, and brilliant narration style. Keeps one wondering what is going to come next. Kudos to you!