Thursday, January 20, 2005

Nothing much happening ...

... will be shuttling between home and college for the rest of the week..
dad's here again! :D Went to the exhibition again yesterday, sis' 4th
time! Got stuck at an Iranian jewellery shop, loved the language those
people were speaking in .. they were calling agates aqeeq (pronounced kh,
not k!).

Then went to this Kashmiri jewellery stall, such beautiful sets,
rubies, garnets, topaz', sapphires set in silver and gold-plated silver.
There were B-E-A-yootiful sets of emeralds .. a necklace with topaz' drops
strung together ... another necklace of the same kind called brandy-stones
because they were orange! It was such a beautiful orange too, like
sunshine caught in a drop. Didn't buy any though, coz it was already 10:30
pm and the shops were closing, must go in the daytime sometime.

After Manish's comment on how I seem to be chasing trouble, i've realized
he's pretty right about that. Since my 'falling' episode, i've sat in the
wrong class (and therefore missed the right one), mixed up my exam
schedule( did not cause much trouble because all three exams were on the
same day :D) and almost took my answer-paper back to the hostel with me
(many thanks to pitti who reminded me). I guess I was born to provide
entertainment to other people. Have fun! :)


manuscrypts said...

"it could be that the purpose of your life is to serve as a wraning to others"~anonymous ;)

The Reporter said...

:D Manu .. come to think of it, you might be right :-S