Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Of Shiv ji ka prasad and chipaklis

Warning: You might not understand the following lines and what all the fuss is about :)

Raining and pouring. 5 people and 4 umbrellas. G and kir had refused to come in spite of much begging, pleading and multiple attempts at bribery by Ru. The rain had made cowards outta them! Phah! Where is the adventurous spirit of yore?

So Rn and pitti twirled their umbrellas, (red and yellow respectively) reminding us of old hindi movie actresses. I walked quietly with mine muchas enjoying the weather. Ru was holding it for Sat, walking just behind him and calling him 'Shaabji' and as Ru is taller, made things more hilarious.

Sat, to me: Do you know there are some people in our college who are devotees of Lord Shiva?

Me (knowing sat had something up his sleeve) : Maybe there are.

Sat: Do you know how the devotees worship Lord Shiva?

Me(non-commitally): No

Sat (in a quietly eager way): Worship to Lord Shiva requires the devotees to put themselves in a trance ...

Me: So?

Sat: So to put yourself in a trance you need certain substances ...


I burst out laughing, so this was the latest way to describe dope, cigarettes, alcohol etc. Therefore the new code word is Shiv ji ka prasad. Considering people keep asking him to dispense it, i told him he was the priest at the temple of the Lord and he agreed.

All through he kept trying to provoke me but I was too busy hogging. Later we had a hilarious conversation about Rn's to-be-born-in-the-future kids' names, she'd named them something innocently and these people couldnt stop laughing at the connotations. Sat and Ru kept laughing so much that they were falling into the trees on the edge of the road. 'Stop going into the bushes!' .Then there was some crap about bushmen and then ru came up with bushamma and bushaiah. Then rn topped it all saying one of her uncle's name was bushaiah.

Also yesterday kir was telling me that g and she were talking about something and he shouted 'Hey! Chipakli!!' pointing at a lizard. Chipakli of course was a tongue of the slip. Apparently then he started to give his theories behind the word 'Maybe you know someone caught a lizard and threw it at the wall and then it stuck, so they called it chipakli! chipakli! ' :D Finding it pretty funny, he started on different words and thought maybe the bhaloo had too many baal and then it had to go to the loo ... and then kir told him that was not going to work :D. To use pitti's once all-time-phrase 'we had lots of fun' :D.

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