Saturday, September 18, 2004

Plague me ...

What happens when you know someone of lesser calibre than you is much better off? How well are you able to enjoy the view of the grass on the other side?

What happens when you think you can move on to better and more prestigious things but then loyalty keeps you behind? Which is better and which is worth it?

If you're an amazing teacher and money is not your primary concern, should you work in the best school in your city i.e. the most prestigious or should you work in that small school in your neighbourhood? Should you improve the quality in the small school or should you try to uphold that of the big one?

Sometimes just the time makes so much of a difference. You get a job in a mediocre company, the next year someone who was in the same position as you gets a much better job in a much better company. Wouldnt it make you resent things or would you plod on nevertheless?

Why does someone seem to have all the luck and though you're not having a bad time either, you're still in a rut. What do you do then? Wait for the light to shine on you and continue hoping? Believe that there will be justice and work hard?

The lady at our weekly ijtema said its easier to empathise and cry for your friend than to laugh and be 100% happy for them at their success, without the tiniest feeling of resentment. Then you'd be a better friend than if you'd cried away seas and oceans in sorrow. When can you reach that position, when can you put yourself up at a place like that?

Hoping inshallah that i'll know the answers to these questions some day.

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