Saturday, September 04, 2004

No games, just sports

Read this really good book called 'How to be good' by Nick Hornby, the guy who wrote About A Boy. Funny how complicated life can get and though the narrator talks about her marriage with regret mostly, its true the way she says how everybody thinks such regrets will only be part of other's lives, 'I'll surely make a better job of mine'. Sad that these people cant even imagine the possiblity of having their parents stay with them, its just not done and the parents suffer silently. However this isnt true in all cases, many a time the old parents have an active and better social life than their married harried kids.

Love the way the narrator's perception and feelings about her husband change when he turns from a forever grumpy and angry columnist to a selfless and self-sacrificing good-for-nothing. Her husband's untiring enthusiasm to do 'good things' for the neighbourhood irks her because things at her home are falling apart and she cannot find a reason to go against her husband's extreme virtuousness.

Nice book people, mail me if you want the ebook and Handa, thanks a lot :) .

Three very gamey days.Two nights of playing carroms till 1 in the morning, shouting myself hoarse in cheering my house after losing miserably to a sub-junior right in the first round on the first night,second night i'm told by classmate-cum-coach that my technique is wrong and that there's no way i can hit straight with this one,change my technique and play much better in a doubles match but lost anyway. Still had so much fun the second night,we had coaches Kool and Kyun competing and it was so hilarious. Sad that we came SO close to winning so many times, but lost :( .

Yesterday Rn and Kir maybe out of boredom or maybe out of wanting to practise for their house called me to play badminton but i was busy with 'How to be good' so I didnt go until later. As usual I'm terrible at every sport so after Rn left for some time, Kir taught me what i was doing wrong and I played a much better game. Considering the nil stamina I have, was pooped after playing for 45 minutes, so came back and took a delicious cold shower. Nothing like it.

Playing games like this makes you feel so good and somehow more productive. For once you're putting all your energies in one place and forgetting everything else.With every shot you Smash! into the other court (still picking that up though) it gives you such a high. And going from horrible to a little better is still satisfying. Why the hell didnt I do these things before? So many things have changed about me since college or even since first year, mom was so surprised to know i was taking part in a carroms match. She was like 'But you've never played even at home except two or three times with your younger cousins (who are much better than me I point out ) !'and then says with a smile in her voice 'Kyun, khelne ke din aagaye?'

And now my left arm is aching with trying to keep the shuttle-cock off the ground. But it still feels good .

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