Wednesday, September 22, 2004

I never cease to amaze myself

Saturday morning
7 am

Yours truly is sprawled on a bedsheet on the floor (it was very humid in the night).
A loud knock on the door.
Loud here is an understatement. It was more like a bomb blast.
I must have jumped into the air like Tom, only I didnt go out through the roof leaving my shape behind.(Come to think of it, that ways I would have landed in the room of the girl who lives above me, hmm. I could have scared her to death. ( Which reminds me again, what happens if you get scared half to death twice?))

I hurriedly put on the kurta that was on my chair and got out of my room. The security guard who'd knocked said there was a phone call for me. Wonder if he finds phone calls equivalent to earthquakes. Anyway, figured out it was mom wanting to wake me up so that I could come home asap

*pitti just came to my room and pointed out two white hair. Waaaaaaaah ! Not white hair already!! :(( She also wants me to write an 'Ode to a recently pulled out white hair'. I cannot bluddy write odes to white hair :(( *

Mom wanted me to come to nani's place instead of coming home and she wanted me to do it without further delay. So very reluctantly holding back the overwhelming urge to crash (which i have discovered is the slang for hitting the sack) I stuffed some things into a bag, brushed and walked to the bus stand.

Changed two buses, then took an auto and reached nani's place.

Nani had arrived a few hours ago from the States (lucky her, she probably has more fun than I do ! :( ). Her arrival was a surprise to most people including Nana hz. who allegedly just stared at her for a few minutes when he saw her entering the house ( how romantic :D).

With the bag still hung on my shoulder I walked into the dining hall and found nani there with three mamis, my mom, sis and around four cousins. As I moved forward to give her a hug, sis made a loud intake of breath and shouted 'Haaa! She's wearing her kurta inside out!!'

The aforementioned homo sapiens burst into raucous laughter. You see, this is not the first time. Can I help it if I'm always woken up with a shock? ( Maybe because nothing else wakes me up .. hmm)

Nani commented 'Meri beti, why are you doing engineering? Why arent you doing a Ph.D?' They kept laughing for five minutes , till then i'd ran and hidden myself in nani's room.

Why me? Why always me?

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