Monday, August 02, 2004

yeah ..

.. so yesterday morning , I was having a dream in which we were walking on the K.P. road, me and dont know who when handa also appeared to be walking beside me, i guess it must have been because i wanted to congratulate him after the convocation (over which YSR presided *smug :D * ).There was some grand dinner going on and as I got up to sit somewhere else (at the dastar khwan or whatever) I fell off the bed and hurt my back! Sis who was busy ironing turned around at my sudden cry and started laughing , making fun of my sleeping posture . Poor me,it hurt all morning but became fine soon enough .
Had a lot of work to do yesterday coz mom was hospitalized (or quarantined) for some throat infection.Scared me a lot in the beginning but then found it wasnt a big deal . Alhamdulillah . Watched LA Confidential the day before, was a pretty twisty turny story , didnt like it much , though sis did. Also watched Terminal a few days back, nice moofie. Catherine Zeta Jones is SO beautiful .

These people got back from Kodai last week, i'm glad i didnt go .

Sat, Nipun and I are project partners,going to work under V. Both of them are much bonder ( :) ) than me at Linux so hope to learn something good.I hope it wont be them working all the time and me doing nothing, surprisingly i cant stand that :) .

Ranj 'full' pissed me off . I dont want to talk to her all day today :D , lets see how far that works out .My birthday's coming close :))) . What dress shall i wear, what dress shall i wear ? :) . Mom's voice sounded so nice to me , like something i could lean on and hug though i hardly ever do that . I love my mummy :D .

I still have to make some changes in my template , like removing those horrid green arrows. They're completely out of place on my new template.

Read five point someone a few days back .Nice book . Some of the things i liked was the way he wrote about girls and how hard it is for guys to understand them . They're some things which are so true, like when he says that his girl starts speaking in a childish tone which 'girls seem to break into at one time or another' . Seriously , that is so true. When i was telling sis about this , she was reminded of something hunny said and it was pretty funny :) .

So our group's nearly non existent, not that i care much . Made a friend out of an old non friend but still thats no big deal, i'm not very interested . Or so i think right now . Am i influenced by someone else's opinion ?

Still have to edit my article for the mag, its been rotting since 3-4 days just for editing sake. WHY am I so lazy??

This is what i wrote about a dream i had on Tuesday, July 27 .. you can make out how sleepy i must have been, i would have totally forgotten about it if i hadnt written about it , and remembered its existence only when Ranj pointed out to me a notepad open on my desktop (that sounds funny , doesnt it ? ) :

kiran and me filling milk in a steel ki thiliya at a place.I fill mne then we fill hers,then hers inst prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrectlfllled so w e vcome back agzin she hasforgotten to put her proxy

Chalo then ,

Should study something, had a networks surprise test today .. that guy's a sadist :( .

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