Wednesday, August 18, 2004

yaaa yaaa yaaa yaaa yaaa

I dont know why i was reminded of all this yaaa-ing all of a sudden. Thanks to that video recording, maybe when i was 4-6 years old this memory remains fresh in muh mind. 6 girls running around a tree and a small boy, one of my dad's friend's son trying in vain to join the line . But of course all guys (oops , boys ) were found 'icky' then so everybody's trying to avoid him as much as possible and shouting yaaa yaaa yaaa all the time :D.

The best part of that video is where sis and i start fighting, i go and try to pinch her and she hits me back and i go away howling while dad with the video camera says 'Haa, sab TV mein aa raha hai' :) .

Another when dad asks me to sing 'lakdi ki kaati' and i sing , 'lakdi ki kaati, ghode ki kaati ' hiding behind a door .

Oh and another one :D , when there's music playing and sis and i are dancing to some kid songs like lakdi ki kaathi, 'chup jaa, chup jaa, chuppa chuppi khelen' and the camera's focussed on fat me turning round and round over and over again and then on my sis when all of a sudden there's a huge crash. Yes, you know what had happenned. Sis very theatrically as usual, clasps her hand on her mouth and gasps :D .

Why did i start on this ? I was going to write about yesterday. Watched I, Robot yesterday. Nice moofie though its kinda freaky outy in parts. Specially if you think this is going to happen some day. How can a human measure against a robot, specially when it comes to a physical match ?

My friends thought i was becoming paranoid. The scenes where the robots try to kill the hero plus huge cars zooming on him and stuff had me scared. To which of course all these people started laughing , 'Ha ha! Stupid female got scared while watching Final Destination 1! Ha ha ha ' . Yes, that is timid me ;) . Somehow the suspense music gets to me while im watching a movie, i can watch any horror movie without the sound, but then whats the point?

I remember watching parts of poltergeist when i was in 5th class or something . Theres a scene where this little kid is going to sleep after putting his clown on the chair opposite his bed. Later when he wakes up, he finds its not on the chair. He bends to look under the bed when it seizes him and they start brawling. The moment that happened , my cousin and i without any prior arrangement rushed out of the tv room at full speed and ran into the corridor. The next morning my aunt told me that i had been screaming in my sleep. I HATE clowns. There are quite a few websites on the net, devoted to clown haters :) .

So back to I, Robot. Later these people were making jokes on kir saying I, Kir :D :D . It was so funny . There's this scene in the movie that rn and i burst out laughing at. The CEO of US-R is talking to our hero and our hero is doing his best job at condescension while Mr.CEO is explaining how robots can never harm humans and that hero is paranoid. Camera focuses on hero who sneezes loudly and says 'Sorry, I'm allergic to bullshit ' Har har . :D . Loved that line. There was a highly embarassing incident later, rn should be given a prize for crisis management.

Gotta go have lunch. When will i learn to 'modularize' my posts and make them more readable ??

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