Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Who is your piece-of-the-moon? :)

Some time last evening when i was feeling very low, wanted to stand at a place like Dmm's corniche . Was reminded of the corniche the night before last, when we were all wandering around in the college and while we stood at a particular place, the wind whipped around us with an exhilarating force. The light coming from behind us and the darkness beyond us made it feel even more happiness-inducing.

Yesterday evening ... wanted to stand at a place like that, with the wind whipping around me, a black sea stretched ahead of me and a dark starry sky above. Wanted to stand there in that particular mood of happy solitude, only me , happy with myself and the world .

(Yeah, if at that particular moment there arent people around, makes it easier to be happy , doesnt it ? ;) )

But had just gotten over with an extremely tiring class with an even more tired old professor (he's a corporate hotshot!) . He was looking so tired and weary of life that I wanted to go over and give him a hug 'its alright grandpa, everything will be alright' . He conceded 'It was a bad lecture' but that we should understand what he was saying and stuff. Dear thing had to sit throughout the class.

Felt better in the night though, after dear rn agreed to my plan. And now am in a calm and placid mood :) .


Kir has gone off on a walk alone. Things seem fine with her other half, so wonder whats wrong now. Not very walk-pleasant weather, couldnt make myself go with her. Actually it didnt even strike me :$.

Have been feeling very selfish of late. Why should i be there for others when they arent there for me types . But then i saw a quote on someone's blog, dont remember whose , something about exceeding other's expectations of you , so thought would stop thinking like that . Havent done anything very particularly selfish I hope :) .

Dumb me.


From Midnight's Children :

'Listen: at my cradle-side, Mary Pereira is singing a little song:
Anything you want to be, you can be:
You can be just what-all you want. '

Love the way he puts typically indian/hindi things into english , like his parents calling him piece-of-the-moon , direct translation from Chand ka tukda :D .

Didnt like his book much at first, is unneededly gross sometimes, but i love his vivid descriptions without boring the reader in the least. And his words come out like someone narrating a story in spurts, sudden thoughts coming in,billions of ellipses, hints about the future keep you hooked and the indian-ness of it all. 'Janum'. 'piece-of-the-moon'. Nice :).

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