Tuesday, August 17, 2004


my post that did not get published because of some stupid error when i mailed it >: .

Hello and salam,
am sooo tired . Have a stupid networks exam tomorrow, or technically
today. Its an open book exam :( and the sadist says its going to be
'simple' but i dont believe him. Hmmf.

Its so much simpler to mail a post than to write it but somehow the format
comes out weird. Wonder if it would come out alright if I used yahoo.Hmm.

Things are always so weird when exams come by. Girls are rotten when it
comes to teamwork. Not in matters of fun, but in matters like these.
Sheesh, 'beta whayn will we grow up ??'

Goo nite
and a hoppy budday to Handa. May he blog long and visit others more :D

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