Tuesday, August 10, 2004


Just finished reading Harper Lee's To Kill A Mockingbird . Seriously deserves to be a classic . The style of writing is so simple and straightforward. And he makes an awesome job of thinking like a small child .

The small child reminds me of an incident that takes place in Tom Sawyer. His sweetheart (Betty Thatcher , i think )is angry with him or something like that so he goes and lies under her window sill and vows that he will not move from there, and she'd feel sad when she finds him dead, when the window opens and
a whole load of washing water pours down on him . It was so hilarious and so typically a small child . I dont know how many times i've thought of things like this . Like sitting so quietly that my parents would notice and find out something was amiss or making a big show of not having meals .

Had good food for dinner . Paneer parathas and stuff. Talked to Ba and Jo.Had fun .

Yesterday was busy , with lots of work at home .Poor mom's having a hard time, no walking fast,no talking fast, just taking a lot and a LOT of rest. Made chicken yesterday, right from scratch or rather right from fresh chicken .

Sis got all hyper when i went home , when i complained she replied 'But i'm happy you're home :( ' . Grow up kid ! ;)

Watched Girl, Interrupted last night . Wow .Awesome movie . Angelina Jolie coundnt have done a better job . Winona Ryder is fine too . The movie shakes you and makes you grateful .

Like the famous blogger buggie says, I'm glad i'm not in a slum, or starving or
somewhere in Iraq or Somalia . Alhamdulillah .

Just copied New York Minute . Hope its good .
Gnite people .

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